Guide to Garage Renovation

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Renovating a garage is not complicated at all.

There are numerous considerations to make before undergoing a garage renovation, it is important to transform your space according to the plan by considering the following ideas and useful advice for a garage renovation:

Common Types of Garage

There are two categories to choose from when it comes to creating and successfully customizing your own garage.

1. Integral Garage

A lot of homeowners have an attached or integral garage that is built within the walls of the main property. This kind of garage allows admission to the house as it is connected to the main structure and can normally be accessed from inside the house through a door.

2. Detached Garage

If you are renovating an old garage or building a new house, you will also discover the advantages of a separate garage. Renovating a separate or detached garage is suitable for vehicle and tool storage.

A detached garage is often quiet and solitude, as it is separated from the house. It can be set at the back of the house, hidden in the backyard, or an angle to the house.

Plan and Design the Garage

1. Set a Budget

Meet with a professional designer or architect to be able to visualize and draw the plan and look into what needs to be done to renovate the garage.

Renovating or converting a garage costs significantly lower than extending a garage. Without laying new foundations and building new walls, money can be saved.

Plumbing and electrical costs are also a factor when it comes to cost. Decide how to proceed with the project and where to start first once you have an estimated budget.

Tip: If a garage needs heavy structural repairs and is attached to the house, demolishing and replacing it will be more cost-effective.

2. Garage Flooring

The flooring of a garage makes a huge difference in its overall look, quality, and appearance.

A cracked or damaged floor should be resurfaced and painting it the color of your choice will make it look better if you prefer concrete flooring. However, concrete usually stains and often looks dull and boring.

Change your garage flooring when needed and prevent concrete floors from becoming damaged. Different garage flooring such as tiles, hardwood, or carpets can also be used.

3. Paint the Walls

After carefully deciding on the flooring, pick a wall color suitable for your garage. Make sure it will match the floor so it won't clash.

Consider installing new walls if the walls of the old garage are concrete. Installing new walls will allow you to add insulation and completely customize your garage.

4. Upgrade the Roof

Insulation is vital whether you have attached or detached garage. An increase in electric bill tends to happen if there is no insulation.

For an attached garage, rooms typically share a wall, floor, or ceiling with the garage. If the garage allows heated or cooled air to escape, you won’t be able to regulate the temperature in those rooms and it affects the cost of bills if you do not have a garage wall that is not insulated.

For a detached garage, home’s temperature and energy bills won't be affected if you have insulated walls. Insulation is still important especially if you are parking your car and storing your tools.

Insulated walls are essentials if you convert your garage into a living space. Have an insulated garage door as well since it can be a huge weak spot in the garage if it isn’t insulated. Moreover, wood and aluminum are materials that are not as energy efficient as steel.

5. Install Windows

A dark garage is not safe for you to work on, whether it is a car in your garage or a makeshift workshop. Installing windows for the garage prevents darkness and allows natural light.

Having enough light in the garage through the windows allows air to circulate as well. Do not worry about the garage becoming stuffy, the solution is to make more windows and opening the window by allowing fresh air inside.

Introducing natural light into a garage renovation actually has a lot of scopes. Think of ways on how you could design and install windows uniquely. Consider installing a sliding door into one wall if the garage is located at the rear of the house.

In order to allow enough sunlight to flow between the spaces of your garage, build large openings between the existing living spaces during the renovation.

6. Lighting is Key

Install bright lights inside the garage especially if you are making it as a workspace or when it comes to fixing cars and car parts.

Having dim lights prevents you from working and spending time in your garage after sundown.

It is better if you will also include motion sensor lights since it electronically turns on the lights. Its heat waves radiate when the detector senses an object moving across its field of views such as people, animals, and cars. This is a convenient way to effectively enhance a garage.

7. Changes in Structure

It is possible to use a garage more than just a place to park the cars or store items. It can be a workspace, office, bedroom, living space, or whatever you would like to renovate it.

If you plan on creating a new bedroom or office, garage renovation would not be complete without running electricity through the garage since electricity powers most appliances that we use.

Using a garage as a bar or gym is not a bad idea after all. But, it requires a water line to the garage. Hire a professional for installing water and electric lines since permits are required and it can be very unsafe for someone who isn’t trained in this field.

Another great structural change would be to turn your garage into a mechanic shop. This can help you repair any car you own whether it’s a Toyota Camry or Ford Mustang. Invest in a car lift if you want to easily work on your car in the comfort of your garage. Being able to do your own oil changes and car repairs will help you save more money in the long run. Another tip to save money on Mustang repairs would be to look into aftermarket Mustang parts. If you don’t own a Mustang don’t worry because there are other aftermarket car parts available online.

8. Turn it Into a Loft

Lofting a garage is another great way to do aside from renovating it. It offers plenty of storage, with larger and easier access.

A lofted space can be used as an office, living space, extra bedroom while having enough space for cars. Remember to set a theme and furnish the area well using your creativity and imagination.

Garages differ in sizes, too. A standard single garage has about 14m² of extra space making it ideal for a home office, playroom or a guest bedroom. It has the ability to extend a small space into a larger space specifically in the kitchen or hallway depending on the arrangement of your home. A downstairs shower room and utility might work as well, it all depends on you.

On the contrary, a double garage could possibly add around 28m² to 30m² of extra space and this gives you the choice to use the part of the space as a living room and a room for storage.

9. A Successful Renovation

It is time for renovation or a completely new garage if you have an outdated and filthy one.

Renovating help improves a house's appeal and the appearance by customizing and creating the appropriate garage for your home. Many possibilities can be made just by choosing the right style and shape.

Be open-minded when it comes to renovating in order to achieve the space you have always wanted. The larger the garage is, the greater the investment. A larger garage gives you a better return on investment if you happen to decide to sell your home.

Ideas for Converting a Garage Space

Garages are known to be originally designed to house a car and store different materials and objects for the house. It may seem like it is not a good living or working space.

Here are ways on how to give life and purpose to your garage space:

1. Cars

Garages are popularly known for housing cars. A car's engine runs better if it is kept inside a garage since it keeps the vehicle warm and makes the fluid and oil in a stable condition. The warmer the car is, the faster the air condition and heat is.

2. Playroom

Children should play in a house that is set aside for them for a fun childhood experience.

3. Home office

Garages allow a single entrance for visitors or co-workers and it is normally located away from the house. Private and busy time for work spent alone in a garage turned home office is not a bad idea after all.

4. Utility room

Domestic work happens in a room equipped with appliances for washing, and this makes another good use of garages.

Normally, this room includes a washing machine, large sink, tumble dryer, iron and ironing board, and extra storage for clothes or shoes.

5. Recreation

Use a garage as a living space for hosting large parties, you can also build a deck to entertain your guests as this is the ideal space for entertaining family and friends. Gym and home cinemas are recommended too for a fun-filled experience at home.

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