Best Feng Shui Design Tips to Level Up Your Bedroom for 2019

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Besides your bathroom, your bedroom is the most intimate room in your house and deserves only the best in design and furnishings to truly be a haven for you. With spring coming in a few months, it is now the right time to give your bedroom some love with the best Feng Shui design tips shared below so you can have a bedroom that’s not only comfortable but will also invite a restful sleep and a romantic yet cozy feel too.

Feng Shui principles rest on creating harmonious environments through a sense of balance. The Feng Shui bedroom design tips shared here are general tips for nurturing existing relationships, improving sleep, and attracting love. Try one or all and see what happens next!

Start with The Right Placement for Your Bed

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

Bad bed placements not only interfere with sleep but can cause trouble in the romance department. It is recommended to anchor a bed against a solid wall and not placed floating in the middle of the room or against a window. This will create a sense of stability that promotes better sleep. If sleeping with someone else on the same bed, both persons should be able to enter and exit the bed freely to promote a healthy relationship.

Turn Your Room into Your Personal Haven

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas2

A bedroom should be a comfortable cozy place full of yin energy. This means that you need to turn it into warm soothing environment that promotes relaxation for you. Make sure that it also has enough privacy by choosing the right window treatments.

Clear the Space Under Your Bed

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas3

Although it is tempting to use the space under your bed as storage, clutter and dirt under your bed can block the blow of positive energy and have a negative impact in your life. Go for a clear space under the bed and watch your life make a turn for the better.

Not All Artwork Are Created Equal

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas4

Stay away from artwork that invoke feelings of sadness, fear, or pain. Instead, choose uplifting prints for your bedroom and photos that inspire you or put you in a good mood. This way, you will affect your emotions in a positive way.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Space Where You Can Unplug

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas5

Although it is tempting to have all your gadgets and a giant TV in your bedroom, it takes away from the main purposes of the bedroom which should be about sleep, rest, and romance. By turning your bedroom into a space where you can let romance bloom and let yourself power down, you’re giving back the room its real purpose. If you really want your TV and gadgets in your room, then create a place where they can be tucked away when not in use such as repurposing an armoire as an entertainment centre.

Choose Photos Wisely

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas6

Although you love your family, it is best to keep family photos in the living room and choose just a few of you with your significant other for the bedroom if you’re married or in a relationship. This will strengthen your bond and promote more romance.

Symmetry is Key

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas7

Furniture should be balanced or placed in pairs. Not having matching side tables or lamps is perfectly fine as long as they are of equal size and quality.

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