5 Important Home Repairs You Should Make Before Selling Your House

Written by Posted On Thursday, 24 January 2019 23:11

If you want to sell your house, make sure that all of the crucial parts of your home are fixed. All buyers will inspect your house when they show their interest in buying your house. You will need to fix all of that. If you want to get a higher price for your home when they see that your house is fully working on the first inspection since selling a house that was taken cared is a significant thing for a lot of realtors. This is one of the reasons they are first looking at before letting you list your house.

However, it is expensive enough to fix your whole house. So, you need to find what are the important ones to repair to save money. In this article, we will show you the five essential home repairs you need to prioritize before selling your house.

Improve the exterior of your house

First of all, you need to make the outside of your house appealing. This side will be the first thing all of your buyers will see, and it can affect in a lot in their decisions. You can start by looking at your roof. Check for leaks and fix it before listing your house. Inspect also the ceiling for watermarks from the holes in the roof. Next, ensure your landscaping clean. Remove all dead trees and bushes, weeds, and other dead plants in the landscape. Fix it by putting new replacement to brighten your house. Lastly, look at the exterior decks if it needs cleaning or replacement.

Spruce up with a fresh coat of paint

Another repair that you need to do is repainting your walls. It can give the illusion of space and gives personality to your home. Picking the right colors when repainting should get the best first impression for your house.


Repainting will fix the parts of your house that have peelings of paint or faded paint. A bad image of your home with poor painting maintenance can easily give a poor listing of your home. Lastly, paints can mask old smells. If the smell of your freshly painted house is very memorable and very pleasant, your buyer may easily remember your home in the listings.

Update the flooring

Next up is the floors which you need to get ready before listing your house. If you have a carpet in your flooring, you need to evaluate them. Make sure all carpets are clean. It does not need to be replaced. A lot of buyers are okay with carpets, as long as the seller will ensure that the carpets are clean and neat.


However, if you have hardwood floors, make sure all the floors are even and not creaking. The broken ones should be replaced. After that, you need to clean all of them to make your flooring look brand new.

Revive an outworn kitchen

Kitchens sell homes. Also, the kitchen shows the hygiene and whole cleanliness of the house along with the bathroom. The first thing you should do is check for your cabinet and faucet. Make sure all of those are working and in style.


Next, look at the lighting. Make your kitchen an inviting space by making sure that the light is good for it. It is recommendable to have a modern lighting fixture than ones that are not in style. Lastly, you should declutter which will make your kitchen a larger space. Organize your pantry and counters for this or simply repair a leaking faucet.

Spiff up the bathroom

Finally, you need to check for repairs in your bathroom. You may also opt for a remodel to your bathroom where your home can get a better impression. You can update and upgrade the vanity of the bathroom which are the faucet, sink, and countertops. Also, the flooring is also relevant here. You can pick porcelain or ceramic which is inexpensive. Lastly, you can give a new vibe for your tub or shower, like the current trend for a walk-in shower which piques the interest of a lot of homeowners.


Overall, it is ideal that you fix all repairs in your house to not let your buyer get a mortgage instead. As a seller, you want the best experience to your buyer, and leaving all the necessary repairs to him/her is never a smart move. Try consulting with a real estate agent or attorney to guide you through this. Just start your repairs focusing on the five points we gave in this article, and we are sure your house will sell quickly.

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