7 Amazing Benefits To Living In A Brand New Community (That No One Talks About)

Written by Posted On Saturday, 26 January 2019 20:26

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Real estate in Australia is hot property. Prices in our cities have skyrocketed and it seems like all the best spots are taken. Owning a home is the fading Australian dream…or is it? A key thing to consider when buying a home is lifestyle. Many Australians are craving community living in a world of bustling crowds and fast paced progress. Buying into a planned community might just the smart move for you and your family. If you’re looking for a new community to call home, have a look at the new Lendleasecommunities available all-around Australia. If you’re unfamiliar with planned communities just check out these 7 amazing benefits of living in a brand new community.

1. Vision Of The Future

Planned communities are exactly what they say on the tin. Planned! Planned communities are well thought out and have the future in mind. With the latest in internet infrastructure and rail links to the nearest major cities, living in a brand new community means you will be well connected.

2. A Real Community

What attracted you to the community? The landscape? The fresh air? Was it the location? Whatever it was, guaranteed there are like-minded people have also made the move and could be sharing your space. Community incentives like free lifesaving lessons in coastal areas foster community spirit. Who knows, you might meet new friends for life. Have a browse through the communities as there a too many community initiatives to list here.

3. Get In On The Ground Floor

There aren’t many opportunities to own a piece of Australia that no one has owned before. Established communities have all the infrastructure and for-thought without the premium price tag of established real estate. Imagine a family home that is exactly that, a family home owned since its construction. Lendlease gives you the opportunity to get in at the ground floor Have a look through their house and land packages here.

4. Brand New

The home you are buying is brand spanking new! No wear or tear to deal with. You can buy now and not have to worry about costly maintenance or upgrades for decades. You can see exactly how your home was built and by whom. No nasty surprises like asbestos in the roof or the main wall full of termites.

5. Incentives

The Australian Government is currently offering first home owner grants which you may be eligible for. Other incentives for buying into a planned community are available too. Check out Lendlease’s website for more details you may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars!

6. Green Spaces

Planned communities offer vast amounts of green space. Communal parks are common and some feature wetland boardwalks and lakes. Green spaces improve air quality and host beautiful Australian wildlife. Part of the Australian dream is watching the kookaburras chatter whilst you relax in your backyard.

7. Liveable

Planned communities are designed above all else to be liveable. Village centres mean shops and essentials are in a convenient location. Carefully thought out landscapes give you shade where needed, wind and noise breaks where necessary and a layout that usually enable you to walk your errands

Paying a million dollars plus for a shoebox in the city might appeal to some people, but there is so much more value out there for prospective home buyers. A master-built community might not have even been on your radar, you might have not have even heard of such an option but the benefits are clear. Space for your family to grow and prosper, green spaces and an eye towards the future. A planned community is a smart way to enter the property market and create a long-standing legacy for generations to come.

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