Improving SEO/Marketing for Your Real Estate Company

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There are few things more competitive than real estate. As an agent, you’ve probably realized that finding dependable clients is nearly impossible when there is so much competition. Honestly, without proper marketing, the right connections, and great SEO practices, it’s near impossible to make it big as a real estate agent. You might be good at your job, charismatic, and easy to talk to, but you have to find the client first before they can learn to like you and give you referrals. So, let’s start off with learning to improve SEO and marketing for your real estate company to help you compete with the competition.


Optimize Your Website


The very first thing that you should look at is your website. When a potential buyer or seller comes to your page, they are going to be looking for your credibility, reviews, and your contact information. If they have any trouble navigating the page, they will probably move on to the next site and find what they need elsewhere. The organization and look of your website are vital if you want to compete in this market. Start by going through this checklist of questions with your website:  


- Is my website easy to navigate and understand?

- Is it clear what my policies and promises are?

- Are my images and designs high quality?

- Is my contact information easy to find?


If you answered yes to all of these questions, then the website portion of marketing probably isn’t your Achilles heel. If you answered no to any of the questions, then you have something that you need to work on--and you should fix it fast. Any of these questions could be one of the reasons why a customer goes to someone else instead of you.


Take Advantage of SEO Agencies


Once your website is up to par with the competition, you need to work on getting recognized. One of the best things that you can do is work with a link building company who also does SEO consulting. What this does for you is push your website to the top of a search engine. When a customer looks up “Real Estate Agencies Near Me” your website will come up first. While doing this, ensure that any links and keywords in your article are relatable to something that a potential client is likely to search when they’re looking for a real estate agent to help them buy or sell a home.


All search engines have organic rankings which are based entirely on what its algorithm determines to be the best results for a query. What this means for you is that once you’ve created a page that the search engine deems worthy of directing their users to, it can continue to attract traffic to your site for months after you publish it. Clients will be directed with your page again and again without you have to lift a finger.


Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Device Friendly


Most people don’t sit in front of their computers all day. But, most people do have their phones on hand. When a question pops into mind, the first thing that they do is search it on their phone. There are few things more frustrating than going to a site on your phone that is not mobile friendly. It leads to a lot of people bending over their phones in annoyance trying to read the tiny writing on their screen. Do them a huge favor and make your website compatible with phones. You’ll be sure to get a lot more traffic headed your way if you change to fit the things that your customers are looking for.




To be competition for the competition, you need to step things up--especially with your real estate website. Your potential customers need to be able to find everything that they’re looking for on the page without having to do a ctrl-f click to find it. Once you put in the effort, you’ll be able to improve the company as a whole.

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