Creating Luxury Living Spaces Without the Price Tag

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There are many inexpensive tricks to achieve a high-end look for your home but not all of them are interior-designer endorsed. In this write-up, we’ll be focusing on design strategies that designers love to use to give homes an extra level of plushness without breaking the bank.

Go for Hardwood

Luxury Decorating Ideas

Although a lavish look often calls for wall to wall carpeting that can be very expensive both for the initial cost and maintenance, you can achieve the same for less by going for dark hardwood and a plush rug.

Don’t Forget Crown Moulding

Luxury Decorating Ideas2

Crown moulding can instantly elevate the look and feel of your home, making everything look expensive and sophisticated. An added tip is to choose wider trims for a more decadent feel.

Choose Good Lighting

Luxury Decorating Ideas3

Lighting need not be high-end, but have to possess appeal and character to feel and look expensive. The key here is to layer your lighting and to stick to a theme when it comes to details.

Be Careful With Paint

Luxury Decorating Ideas4

The right paint colour and finish can lend an extra air of affluence and sophistication to a room. One paint trick is to paint interior doors black to make things look even more elegant and expensive.

Invest in Good Furniture

Luxury Decorating Ideas5

Buying cheap furniture is a costly mistake. Why not buy from estate sales, consignment shops, and secondhand stores for good classic pieces that you can simply refinish or reupholster? That way you get good quality ‘customised’ furniture.

Use Overstuffed Pillows

Luxury Decorating Ideas6

Buy larger pillows and insert them in smaller pillow covers for a luxurious look and feel. Don’t forget to play with textures for the pillow covers too!

Create Your Own Window Treatments

Luxury Decorating Ideas7

Do you know that it won’t cost a lot extra to create your window treatments from scratch? Why settle for ones that you can buy from stores when there are a ton of fabric options and styles you can choose from for just a bit extra?

Stick to A No-Clutter Look

Luxury Decorating Ideas8

Have plenty of hidden storage to keep your home clutter free and easy to maintain. A cluttered or dust-ridden home will feel cheap no matter how expensive everything in it is.

Personalise Hardware Finishes

Luxury Decorating Ideas9

Replace hardware with better store options or better yet, replace with truly unique ones for a more sophisticated look. Some specialty shops can customise hardware for you at a bargain price point.

Accessorise with a Bit of Metal

Luxury Decorating Ideas10

Gold, bronze, nickel, chrome, or  silver details can really elevate a room’s style if you use them sparingly. Just a lamp with a bronze body or a golden frame for one of your photos is enough to use this trick. The key is in not going overboard.

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