12 Reasons to hire a certified property consultant

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Do you want to make the very best property related decisions?

“Money is made in the choice you make” – Ghramae Johnson (life/Property Coach)

Think very carefully to whom you’d trust with your life inheritance, single property sale, portfolio or property purchase. There are really only 2 options: Put your property in the hands of professionals or run a very high risk loss in some form.

Statistically, almost 85% of property buyers and sellers use a real estate consultant when buying or selling a house, and there are many reasons for this, however, here are twelve of the most important:

Placing the property with greater speed

It has been shown that when you use the services of a certified real estate consultant, you will sell your property faster; this is due to different factors, such as:

---> The time invested into the operation is much greater, since the consultant dedicates all the day to this. They are results led and only generate revenue when results are produced.

---> The consultant has a portfolio of clients who are already in search of real estate, and it is very possible that when you make the decision to sell, it already has one or several prospective buyers listed within their database, interested in your property.

Capacity to qualify the buyer

The consultant is trained to determine if the person who says he wants to buy your property, really has the possibility of acquiring and / or renting the property, which translates into the speed of the service and effective transactions, since you will not waste time showing your property to those who do not have real possibilities, on the other hand, the adviser provides the prospective buyer with all the mortgage and financial advice required to carry out the transaction.

The proper property

The consultant is also able to offer the right property to your needs, within the real possibilities of the market; therefore you do not waste money, time, or effort looking for real estate that does not meet your expectations, which translates into transactions effective, safe and fast.


It is much safer in all circumstances to have the services of a certified real estate consultant, and important to do business with a company with a good reputation, and experience in this field. Not only experience in property but experienced in the type of property you possess. The certified real estate consultant, will have a support team that investigates before bringing strangers to your home for a viewing, especially if you still live in it. Avoiding unnecessary inconvenience and bad timing. And when you do not live in the property, the consultant will inform you in detail the day and time a viewing will commence, giving you the necessary recommendations to make a successful sale.

Education and experience

The real estate consultants know the real estate market and has been trained, undergoing exams and assessments before qualifying. They know the procedures that must be followed, and the ideal steps to achieve a transaction that benefits both parties.

Adequate legal and documentary assistance

The documentation for this type of transactions can be complicated and difficult to understand: the cadastral certificate, the public deed, the property payment, the construction licenses, alignment, the cleaning, electricity, water, condominium payments, the public registry of the property, the testamentary succession, the release of liens, among others, for that reason the certified real estate consultant, is qualified to assist you in the whole process, has a team of specialists that knows the legal aspects of a contract. This will save you a lot of time and you can concentrate on your work, your family and more important things.

Cost-value evaluation

I have four properties, 1 in Spain and 3 in the UK. I went to a property coach/consultant to helped me with my purchases, understanding the market, where and when to buy, what to buy, my targets and strategies. I met my coach in a wealth creation seminar I saw him speak in.

His name is Ghramae johnson, he previously owned a successful estate agency and an international investment property company based in the UK. He is now a sort after life/property coach who helps individuals to live lives they love living, and shares his extensive knowledge about all types of property transactions and the real estate market with clients. Therefor he is in a position to help you establish the cost that you should pay for your future home, or the competitive sale value of a property you’re selling. You can rely on the experience that he possesses to guide you in making your decisions. As he always says ‘Money is made in the choices you make’.

Promotion costs

If you decide to sell your property, you have to be prepared to cover the advertising costs. When you work with a consultant, you are not only trusting in your name but also in the capacity you have to promote your property, but in addition, the consultant will be using all your own resources including sales signs, multiple listing systems, advertising in specialized real estate portals, newspapers, promotion within your client portfolio, whose cost has no impact for you if the property for any reason is not sold and / or rented.

On the other hand, the consultant will be at your service to avoid you the hassle of having to spend your little free time to show your property to strangers, without taking risks, avoiding having to answer calls at odd hours and at the most inopportune moments.

Objective opinion

Having a certified real estate consultant at your side when you want to sell, rent and / or buy a property, means that you will obtain an objective opinion from it. Consultants see things differently and can help you identify the property's strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. They also have the knowledge to be able to observe the possible future benefits of their current investment.

Negotiation skills

The negotiation is a fundamental part of the job description of a real estate consultant; they have the knowledge to reach a good agreement. This knowledge assures its clients that they will get the best deal, and that at the end of the business everyone will be satisfied to have achieved a fair and beneficial treatment.

Important additional information

The real estate consultants handle important information related to the property that you are interested in, such as how long the property is in the market, the best of the property, the advantages of the area, the life of the property, accessibility, municipal expansion plans, among other real estate data.

Know the area

The professional real estate consultant, is able to answer all your questions about the area where you want to buy, the quality of schools, traffic, green and recreational areas, shopping centers, access roads, cynics and nearby hospitals, and any other service close to the property and for which you have particular preference.

Written by Sarah Dough (Entrepreneur, Journalist, Author)

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