How to make your own Escape Room at home

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The escape rooms are fashionable, and more and more people want to enjoy this experience in company outing events and domestic celebrations of all kinds. That's why we bring you the definitive guide to set up your own escape room at home. Get settled, and enjoy this post!

5 steps to assemble your own escape room at home

1. Choose your scenario

A live escape game always requires an enclosed space in which to build a story and from which it ends up escaping. You do not need large sets. The dining room of your house can become with few details in the scene of a murder. The richer the scenario, the more or more complicated the game will be, although for beginners we recommend starting with just one medium-sized room.

2. Basic elements of an escape room

It is important to have on hand certain accessories, for example, a few locks, boxes or closed containers, padlocks or keys that will give your game richness.

You can hide clues and objects in the environment. From inside a vase to a simple chest of drawers. Possibly you can leave in sight some objects that can not be used until the end of the adventure. That always gives a bit of drama to the adventure, and why not say it, it will confuse even the most experienced player.

3. Where is the trick?

Do you want something suggestive? Close some box with some iron chains. That will give a disturbing touch. Use technology to surprise players with digital codes in an electronic diary or on an old mobile phone. Prepare a flashlight to illuminate a dark place or prepare those books so that their titles form an enlightening phrase. These are the steps that researchers will enjoy the most. Dedicate them as long as possible.

4. Preparing the best story

We have the "basics" of the room, but we need to give it life. It is time to put our imagination at stake and design our history. Distribute small texts, messages with newspaper clippings, an old newspaper, the last letter read by the victim... All this will make our story credible and keep the adrenaline to the maximum to get exciting leisure time.

5. The final game sequence

You have everything, but now the real challenge comes: to give order within the chaos. We must ensure that the adventure is guided and each test progress sequentially, since an error can mean the premature end of the adventure, or a mess for the players and the Game Master. This part requires some tests to make sure that the riddles are correctly stitched together. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a friend, since they will help you see the faults of your Escape Room from outside.

Give yourself a little time and do some tests. There is no better way to ensure 100% that everything works like a clock. It will also give you valuable information about the weak points of your adventure, so let the experience guide you and make you wiser.

If you have completed all the steps you must be enjoying right now the most original escape room in the world.

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