How to Keep Your Precious Carpets Clean

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Our house is a reflection of our lifestyle so as much as possible we like it to be stylish and clean. Carpets are great alternatives to tile or wood flooring. This is ideal for houses which are located in cold places as carpets give that warm and cozy feeling, not to mention it adds to the elegant ambiance of the house. To extend your carpet’s life, regular cleaning is mandatory. You can choose to hire a professional carpet cleaner or improvise and do it by yourself.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner

If you do not have spare time to clean your carpet or if you think that cleaning a house that’s fully carpeted is too much of a hassle for you, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaners Melbourne  to do the task. There are still some companies who use commercial detergents and bleaches as cleaning agents while most are already using advanced technologies. In using detergents or soaps, there is always a possibility of residues that may be harmful especially to kids, pets, and the environment. These residues can be inhaled and mixed with perspiration that can cause skin irritation or internal infections for severe cases. If you choose to have your carpet cleaned using water boiled up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, you are assured that it is completely safe and Eco-friendly, plus you do not need to do the cleaning every so often, thus saving almost 50% of your cleaning budget every month.

DIY carpet vacuuming

The most common method of cleaning your carpet is through vacuuming. Commercial vacuum cleaners are readily available in home depots or department stores at varied prices depending on whether it is heavy-duty or not. Vacuum cleaners are electric-operated and though the consumption is far less than other appliances like refrigerators or electric stoves, if you intend to do it twice a week, your bill can possibly increase up to 10% of your regular monthly consumption. Vacuuming removes dirt and mites that are stuck to the carpet. However, do not expect that it can also remove stains. Vacuum cleaners also cannot remove foul odor caused by prolonged air exposure and existence of foreign materials such as soil and human perspiration. It is also very time-consuming and tiring especially when your house is fully carpeted. You will suffer from too much hassle reinstalling it if you do the cleaning yourself.

Also, there are fragrant sprays that have antibacterial elements that can be used as an alternative to active washing of carpets. This is used alongside the vacuum cleaner and shampoo a carpet to remove the foul odor. However, using these commercial sprays do not guarantee disinfection and the foul odor can still persist after a few days? Thus, it is best if you could contract a professional carpet cleaner who will do the monthly hot water bleaching to your carpets. This method is safe especially if the carpets are made of delicate fibers that may not be suitable if commercial detergents or soaps are used. You may also get a discount if you agree to avail of their services for at least a year or longer.

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