6 Ways that to Renovate your Home for Spring

Written by Posted On Saturday, 09 February 2019 15:59

As we approach the spring season, you may be planning to renovate the exterior of your house in such a way that it makes it comfortable for you to enjoy outside living. With spring, the weather is less chilly, and you may decide to hang out at the patio with friends. In case you can't decide which look to go for, below are a few ideas that you can use:

1. Think About the Vinyl Cladding

Most homes use vinyl siding to protect the house form extreme temperature. This material can help keep your house cool if the temperatures get too high. Alternatively, it can also keep the house warm when it's cold outside. As the winter season goes away and spring enters, you may want to replace your vinyl cladding with something more energy efficient. There are various types of vinyl that you choose from. The good thing about vinyl is that it rarely loses its color. Therefore, whatever color you decide to paint after installing the new vinyl panels may last for a long time.

2. The Roof Can be Replaced

Winter brings about heavy snowfall. In most cases, the snow accumulates on the roof and causes potential damage. Melting snow can penetrate through cracks on the roof causing potential leaks in the house. Frozen ice can also destroy your roof. It can accumulate in the gutter, blocking it, and stopping water from flowing. Check your roof as you prepare for the spring. If it has any cracks or the roofing seems old, replace it with newer, durable, and good-looking materials.

3. Get New Windows

Most people that conduct outside renovation tend to focus on replacing roofing shingles, changing the side cladding, and painting it. They either forget or don't think that window replacement is necessary. It may be best to get new windows for spring since old windows can be very drafty and energy inefficient. The new window is also less likely to fade after being exposed to sun rays. New basement window wells also improve the general appearance of the house. One thing that you should keep in mind is that it's advisable to let a professional do the installation for you because improper installation can lead to more damage and expenses.

4. The Doors Can also be Replaced

Unless your doors were recently installed, you should consider replacing your current front door as you prepare for spring. An old door can be energy inefficient because it can let in more heat than is required, forcing you to turn up the air conditioner. Try replacing your current doors with new sliding doors to conserve more energy. These doors can easily open up to allow cool air to flow freely in the house, especially when it's hot. Unless you are an experienced builder or have done door replacement before, you should let a professional do this job.

5. Check the Gutters

As you prepare for spring with exterior renovations, don't forget to check the gutter for any damage. Make sure that water can flow freely through it. Make sure that there are no holes or the gutter doesn't slant awkwardly. If there are holes in it, have a professional replace it for you. Renovating the gutters not only improves your home's outside appearance, but it also prevents basement leaks.

6. Backyard Renovation

If you have a spacious backyard, you can add a deck and shade to it. This can be the relaxation area after you've had a long day at work or during social gatherings at your place. You could also add a classic garden with a few flowers here and there to create an incredible view. Let a professional landscaper come and guide you on possible backyard renovation ideas that you can use.


The above are 6 ways that you can renovate your home for the spring season. You need these changes so that your home can be more livelier for the warm season.

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