All the keys to increase the value of your home

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Surely you've ever wondered about the current value of your flat or house. If you are thinking of selling or renting, do not miss this practical guide with all the keys to increase the value of your home. There are some aspects of our home that we can not modify, such as its location or surface. However, it is possible to make a series of improvements to increase its value as you will check below.

Price a home for free

At the time of selling a home or contracting a mortgage loan, it is essential to carry out the appraisal of it. This appraisal has to be carried out by a technical professional. The cost of an appraisal usually varies between 160 and 450 dollars, depending on the location and size of the home. However, there are real estate agencies such as Cannabis farms that offer you this service and blunt filter tips for free, with the consequent savings that this entails. In order to decide an adequate value to the market, a series of internal and external factors to the housing must be taken into account.

Factors that influence a real estate appraisal

The factors that are taken into account when making a real estate appraisal are the following:

---> Place where it is located. If it is a residential or commercial area, as well as the services that are around (schools, hospitals, public transport, etc.).

---> Building. If you have an elevator, direct access to the parking lot or if you have passed the technical inspection of the building.

---> The supply and demand of the area, as well as the situation of the local real estate market.

---> Surface, orientation, luminosity and views.

How to revalue your home to sell or rent

You can not change a home's location, but there are some elements that will help you revalue it. For example, improvements in its conservation status, distribution and facilities.

Building improvements

---> Optimized distribution. The floors with more demand are those of 2 or 3 bedrooms. For this reason, depending on the size of the home, you can choose to remove or add rooms.

---> Open concept. Eliminates partitions or pillars so that a wider view of the space can be obtained.

---> Invest in thermal insulation. Everything that makes your home more comfortable will raise its price. The thermal and acoustic enclosures, changing simple glass by double glazing, will provide comfort and impact on the electricity bill.

---> Built-in cabinets. The more the better, take advantage of any gap to create storage spaces (in this link you will find some ideas).

---> Renovation of facilities. Renovating an old electrical installation will guarantee the security of the house. On the other hand, it is also convenient to carry out the plumbing works that are considered necessary.

---> Change the kitchen and bathroom. No major reforms are necessary; it is possible to renovate floors and coatings without works. Once again, the cabinets and a good distribution of the storage space will be decisive.

Aesthetic improvements

---> Paint the walls. Painting is one of the most economical decorative resources. Choose neutral colors that enlarge the space and make sure you eliminate chipping and stains.

---> Renew the doors of step. It is not necessary to change them, with the handles and changing the knob or handle will look like others.

---> Proper lighting. Take full advantage of natural light. It is also convenient to change the bulbs for more light and low consumption.

---> Choose the furniture well. It is important not to cram the space with furniture. Also, do not accumulate unusable, damaged or outdated pieces. The ideal is to decorate with timeless furniture and combine them with some vintage style.

More tips to increase the price of your home

Finally, it is convenient to keep in mind the following tips:

---> Make numbers. Before starting any reform, think about the effect it will have on the appraised value of the home. Avoid getting into pharaonic works if they are not going to compensate you.

---> Benefit of the helps. Review the housing rehabilitation aid offered by official bodies and the different autonomous communities.

---> Cleaning and order. A clean and orderly dwelling can increase its value by 10%, which is no small feat! Always remember that in these cases the first impression is very important.

---> Choose the best moment. Whenever possible, choose the time of day when the home receives more natural light.

---> A home with life. Show that your home is a home where you want to live.

I hope all these tips and keys to increase the value of your home will be useful. Undoubtedly, getting the best taxation will benefit you when selling, renting or applying for a mortgage loan.

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