5 Tips on Staging a Miami Home: Furniture, Decor & Atmosphere

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 13 February 2019 05:52

In order to get offers close to the listing price or better, you have to invest time and money maximizing the potential of each room in the house and on the exterior curb appeal. Here are some essential tips to stage your Miami home for a quick sale.

Furniture Designed for the Tropics

Rana Furniture, based in Miami, features furniture that exploits the fine weather and distinctive colors of a Miami skyline. Many staging ideas can be garnered from their website at https://www.ranafurniture.com/

Staging Tips From a Miami Real Estate Agent

Miami-based real estate agent Myrna Contreras offers the following tips on successfully staging a home.

  1. Using on-trend pastels or light gray paint on walls is great for staging because it has an immediate impact and makes rooms look larger.
  2. When choosing furniture for showings, functionality isn't the key factor. You want things to make sense, so include a dining table, sofa and other essentials. However, you want to choose pieces that preserve the flow of the home and don't clutter the space.
  3. Accessorize with pops of color in pastels and deeper shades. This draws the eye around the room and helps them imagine themselves relaxing in the space.
  4. Strategically placed mirrors can be slipped into the staging scheme for just about any room. Mirrors are fantastic tools to open up the space. They reflect light and make a room appear larger.
  5. One thing to avoid is dark, bulky furniture, especially in smaller or darker rooms. Everything should be minimalist and well-thought-out for a polished look that properly showcases the home.

Professional Stagers

Some companies specialize in staging homes and this might be a good idea for higher-net-worth properties. Some offer computer modeling that electronically inserts furniture and accessories for listing photos. A word of caution is in order on this account. Make sure the listed photos represent the space accurately. The last thing you want is a prospective buyer to be unpleasantly surprised during the showing.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Many homeowners spend their entire budget on the interior of the home. Remember, first impressions of your home start with curb appeal - or lack of it. Here are some of the most important areas to work on before your realtor takes the listing pictures:

  • Make the front door area look shiny and new. This includes the exterior entrance and foyer, which needs to be warm and inviting. Paint the door in an accent color such as red or soft gray. Replace the hardware or polish your like-new hardware to a bright sheen. Remove clutter, cobwebs and other debris from the porch or patio and steps.
  • Repair or replace any outdoor lights that aren't working. For later showings, turn on the outside lights to create a feeling of security and nighttime ambiance.
  • Repair cracked pavement on the front walk and driveway and make sure the masonry is in good condition. Add fresh paint wherever it's needed for a clean, fresh look.

It takes time and effort to make your Miami home inviting to potential buyers, but staging a home appropriately is a proven way to sell a property quickly in a competitive market.

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