Michigan Hometown Heroes

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 19 February 2019 15:25

Michigan real estate home buying just got better for

  *  First Responders

  *  Veterans

  *  Medical professionals & staff

  *  Educators & staff

  *  City, County, and Government workers.

Michigan Hometown Heroes is a new program to say thank you to all these people for what they do.  This programs provides savings for first responders, veterans, and the other eligible people when buying a home.  These people do so much for our community.  First responders put their life on the line without concern for their own many times.  They work odd shifts protecting us at all hours, including when we sleep.  They do not make top dollar in wages compared to other industries.  Many times the entry level positions are lower wages.

1 Logo square without backgroundIt is the same way with educators.  Many times teachers pay for school supplies out of their own pocket because the school system does not provide all the necessary supplies due to budget constraints.  Many of them take their work home with them.  In todays schools many of them deal with students behavioral issues.  They take criticizm from parents when they are tough on grading the kids home work.  Sometimes all they do is not enough.  Some take coaching and summer jobs to make ends meet.  In some schools the behavior issues are really bad but day after day the teachers go back in hopes of helping the kids that do want to learn.  And in the hopes of turning some of the others into graduating and becoming better people.

City, County, and government workers deal with an unending stream of residents to their office.  Whether it is the clerks in the water department, the people in the treasurers departments in our local cities they sometimes deal with people unhappy with the taxes or their water bills.  It is the same way at the Secretary of State office.  Those ladies deal with a never ending stream of people who sometimes wait for an hour.  It gets tense sometimes and it is not the counter person's fault.  Budget constraints determine how many people sit behind those counters.  They work hard to help us without a lot of thanks.

So we put together a program to say thanks to the educators, medical workers, government workers, veterans, and first responders.  We have go to the realtors, lenders, title companies and others to give up some of their fees or commissions to pay for closing costs for all the eligible applicants.  No fees, no catches, just our way of saying thank you.   Here are some of the savings that an average person can get if they use the program fully.

Purchase a $250,000 home and save $2150

Purchase a $300,000 home and save $2495

Purchase a $350,000 home and save $2795

Purchase a $500,000 home and save $3695

Great savings for all these good people just for doing what they do.  Here are some of the people that are eligible  TSA agents, FBI agents, school secretaries, lunch room ladies, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and their staff.  Custom agents, active and retired military are eligible too.  Even retirees of these professions are eligible. 

So why did we do this?  We are lucky to be healthy and have good jobs.  We look for a way to give back to our community and help others.  What better way than to help those who help others.  Sure some of them make great money however when we need a good doctor or medical professional we are glad they are there.  They too deserve it, they went through years of school and many long hours.  I hope this program helps you if you are in any of these fields.  May life always treat you well.  So go to http://Michiganhometownheroes.com to learn more and get started today!

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