7 Simple Tips to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 19 February 2019 20:27

A small bathroom has become everyone’s favorite due to its effectiveness and efficiency. Many homeowners prefer to build a narrow bathroom inside your house since it can save a lot of space around.

Of course, decorating a small bathroom is not as easy when you have the one with large dimensions. You can’t basically fill the room with too many stuff so it still feels comfortable to use on daily basis. The design and the arrangement of each bathroom fixture should be planned properly.

To ease you to do such job, check out some simple tips to decorate a small bathroom below.

Tips to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Colorize Brightly

Bright shades are always the best options to colorize a small bathroom since it can make it look wider. The ones with more neutral tones like pure white, off white, light gray or soft beige will give a room a gorgeously simple overall look.

Furthermore, the neutral shade is easy to pair with other and will balance the nuance of the décor. You can apply such color to the walls, ceiling, flooring, furniture, and some décor items.

Choose Sleek Fixtures

Today, you can find various kinds of bathroom fixture which are specifically designed for a minimalist decorating style. They commonly have simple sleek design with compact dimension which can fit a small bathroom perfectly.

Install Float or Corner Vanity

When you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you can’t install a vanity inside. Instead of choosing a standard free-standing vanity (which can make a small bathroom look stuffy), the one which is designed to be installed in the corner of the room or hanging on the wall is a much better option.

Those kinds of vanity won’t take up a lot of space and keep the décor look admirable. You can find some recommended Cheap Bathroom Vanities Under $200 for your reference.

Space-Saving Storages

Since the vanity for a small bathroom may not be capable to handle all of your bathroom stuff, you may need additional storage stations. To save the space, some effective storage like floating shelves, ladder shelves, or mirror with hidden storage can be some great options to consider.

Beautify the Décor

Neutral shades may give a plain boring nuance to your bathroom décor, so you need to enhance its attractiveness by bringing some additional colors, patterns, and textures in. Apply these elements to the décor items or accessories of the room to complement its neutral background color.

Maximize the Mirror

Mirror can create a bigger impression inside a small bathroom. Therefore, it’s so recommended medium or big mirror inside. However, always choose the mirror which complements your bathroom, vanity properly.

Make it Bright and Airy

Providing proper lighting inside a small bathroom is definitely a must. You can’t have a small bathroom which looks gloomy or you will end up having the one which looks so uninviting. Then, make sure the air circulation of the room flows perfectly.

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