Easy Tutorial to Make DIY Wine Bottle Fountain

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 19 February 2019 22:22

Water feature is one of the beautiful décor items that you can add to enhance the beauty of your beloved home. It’s a nice addition that will never fail to style up your interior or exterior of your house.

Besides it works to beautify your home, the water feature like pond, fountain, or waterfall also gives a relaxing atmosphere around. The moving water of a water feature is very enjoyable to watch and the sound of splashing water relaxes your mind peacefully.

Therefore, adding a water feature is always a good idea to consider. It gives you a lot of benefits that you can enjoy every time.

However, the price of some water features can be so pricey, especially if you want to have the one with sophisticated design. You have to spend a lot of money to purchase it.

So, making your own water feature at home by using easily-available and cheap materials totally sounds much better. You can have a unique water feature without any need to have extra budget.

Below, I share you a fun tutorial to make a water feature which is made of a used wine bottle that you can make easily all by yourself!

How to Make DIY Wine Bottle Fountain

Prepare these materials

Mini wine bottle

Wine glass

Cardboard tube

PVC clear tubing


Twine or fishline

Aquarium pump

Decorative plastic bowl

Decorative pond rocks

Faux plantations

Food coloring (optional)

Prepare these tools:



What you have to do:

  • The cardboard tube will work as the base of the wine bottle. You need to cut it into the proper height so then the water will flow properly into the glass.

Make two holes on two sides of the tub, insert the wire and bend it to the round shape with the diameter which fits the bottle.

Insert the tubing into the cardboard tube, and let it come out with the same length as the height of the bottle.

Install the bottle into the round wire and keep PVC tubing behind the bottle side so it won’t be seen from distance.

Secure the tubing into the bottle by using twine or fishline.

Attach the tubing to the connector of the aquarium pump, then place the pump on the center of the bowl.

Cover the pump by using the decorative rocks.

Glue-gun the cardboard tube with its bottle, on the side of the bowl.

On the opposite side, glue-gun the wine glass. Make sure that the glass sits on the right position to receive the flow of the water which comes from the bottle.

Fill the bowl with proper amount of water (you can add food coloring if you want to make it look more colorful).

Decorate the bowl with faux plantations as you desire.

Start to run the fountain.

Enjoy your wine bottle fountain!

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