5 Steps for Getting Your Vacation Home Ready for Renters

Written by Posted On Thursday, 21 February 2019 11:02

Vacation rental season is right around the corner. If you have a rental near the beach or a location where renters go during the summer, you know how seasonality impacts rental prices.

If you have a beachfront condo, you know that you’ll be able to rent it at higher prices in the spring and summer.

And you should start preparing your rental for the season well ahead of time.

A few steps to take to get your rental ready for renters include:

1 Start with All of Your Touchups First

You may want to do a deep cleaning, but you should wait until it’s closer to the rental period before cleaning everything up. Instead, you want to do all of your touchups and repairs now. The goal is to make sure that the repairs and touchups are done properly, and this means being able to make sure that the sink is fully unclogged and that the pipe under the sink really did have the leak corrected.

You can start with minor repairs, and then also opt to repaint or touchup areas in the home where paint may be needed.

Do it yourself to save money, or hire a professional painter to get the job done. If you do change the colors of the walls when painting, make sure to add new photos of your rental online to give a real representation of the home to future renters.

2. Jazz Up the Space

Vacationers want to walk into your space and feel at home. If all of your walls are blank, this doesn’t scream “I’m home.” There are a few things that you can do to jazz up your space and make it more comfortable:

  • Add pictures or paintings to blank walls
  • Add new, fluffy towels for vacationers to use
  • Fill bare floors with beautiful area rugs
  • Use decorative pillows on couches to add a touch of comfort and color

When you do all of this to jazz up your space, you’ll be able to add a touch of comfort to your rental and attract more renters as a result. Area rugs are also a great option because it will keep flooring in high-traffic areas cleaner and less worn.

3. Examine Your Bedding

Your bedding may be worn, and this includes your mattress. You should replace mattresses that are past their lifespan. You can also upgrade your linens and bedding to allow for a more comfortable stay for your guests.

Appearance means a lot in the rental world, so these simple changes can help a lot.

4. Check All of Your Dishes

You’re supplying dishes, mugs and glasses, and you want all of these items to be in good condition for your guests. Replace or discard dishes that have chips or cracks in them. You don’t need to spend a lot on these items either.

Target, Walmart and other stores will have cheaper dish sets available.

5. Deep Clean Your Rental

Renters don’t want to walk into a home that is dirty, so it’s up to you to clean it thoroughly after every guest comes and goes. You will want to make sure to do a deep cleaning a week or so prior to your renters’ arrival.

When you do your deep cleaning, also take the time to leave a nice note for your renters.

One rental I recently stayed at had instructions with information on local pizza places as well as where I could find linens, towels, television remotes and other items. It was a nice touch, and it helped make my experience even better as a result.

If you want to offer the best experience possible for your guests, it’s often the little things that matter the most.

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