4 Ways to Impress Your Realtor Clients

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As a realtor, you understand the mixture of excitement and stress your clients feel moving into their new home. Between scheduling a mover, packing all their belongings, and finding the time to ensure everything stays on track, they will be looking at you to guide them in the right direction towards a successful move. While you won’t be able to promise that nothing will go wrong, you can do your best to impress them in ways they wouldn’t expect from any other realtor.

Luckily, if you are reading this article, you are open to the idea of trying new things and going above and beyond for your clients. Of course, that is the best way to leave a remarkable impression on them and boost your chances of them recommending you to others. Here are our top 4 ideas for impressing your clients before, during, and after the big move.

Professional USB Business Cards

First impressions are everything. Let’s face it, if a client isn’t impressed with your knowledge, personality, and professionalism while you are showing them a listing; the chances are they most likely will look elsewhere. That’s why you need to give them something that will really WOW them and help them keep you in their mind when deciding which agent to use. One of the best ways to do that is with a custom flash drive business card.

What’s great about a USB business card is that it has technological use to it compared to a standard business card that usually finds its way in the trash. Customers are more likely to hold onto something that has value to it, which a USB drive does. You can also upload all the photos, information, and other documents onto the drive so your clients can access it at any time. It’s not always easy to make a final decision on a house, so having all the information available to them on a flash drive is something they will be thankful for.

Let’s not forget that custom flash drives are made for your needs, meaning you can print all your contact information, and photo right on the front and back. It doesn’t get more professional than that!

Buy Them a Meal

The day of and before a move is by far the most stressful. You might receive a few panicked phone calls from your client worried about the potential of something going wrong, so what better way to calm them down than with a free meal? They will be so busy packing that they most likely will forget to eat. It’s a great idea to buy them something the night before or the day of the move to make sure they are staying fueled up. A simple pizza or sandwich is a great way to show your appreciation and care for your clients. They will remember your kindness for years to come.

Put Your Networking Skills to Use

Be honest; you know your community like the back of your hand. You’ve sold plenty of homes and buildings, which has led you to make connections with many people in the area. Unfortunately, your clients may not have the same connections that you do, especially if they are moving from a different state. That’s where you can come in to save the day by providing them with a list of the best restaurants, doctors, pharmacies, and other retailers that a review on Yelp may not do enough justice to sell them on using. Personal recommendations always work better when they are from someone you trust, which your clients trust you since they are buying a place under your direction.

This can be a selling point for different up and coming areas that no one else is using! You can have a school district report, top five restaurants, and distance to groceries for each area. You can upload a document with recommendations on the USB business card flash drives mentioned earlier. Another way is to email them or include these recommendations on your website.

Provide the Closing Documents Digitally

We all understand the clutter that comes with moving. Between all the boxes, furniture, and other knick-knacks that are scattered all over the new place, the last thing homeowners need once they have moved into their new home is hundreds of papers and documents filled with closing information. Of course, this information is necessary to hand over to the homeowners, but there are smarter and less costly ways to deliver this information in 2019. One product that is sure to bring a smile to your client’s face is a key style flash drive uploaded with all the closing information.

This key USB can be printed on or engraved with your name and information, in case they need to contact you. It’s simple to add to the home keys since it has a keyhole at the top. Not only does it fit the whole moving in aesthetic, but it also eliminates the nuisance of organizing a bunch of closing documents or potentially losing them while unpacking everything.

It’s Never Been Easier

With the internet getting these types of custom items can’t get easier. If you are interested in getting wholesale flash drives for your real estate business, check out USB Memory Direct. They’ve been doing this for well over a decade!

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