6 Important Factors To Consider Before Fixing Faucets, Showers, And Shower Systems For A Bath

Written by Posted On Friday, 22 February 2019 07:23

Fixing the ideal faucet and overall shower system might seem like a  pretty simple task until you delve into it and discover there are a thousand and one variations of shower systems, with varying budget sizes, thus, leaving you confused. We have put together a few basic but highly important factors you should have in mind when shopping for a faucet, or a shower system for your new home or as a suitable replacement for an old one.

1. Determine your budget

Budget matters a lot. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you can simply treat them as an afterthought.  The fixtures you purchase will surely redefine the beauty of your home. Consider it as a budget for your interior décor, and work towards it in that manner.

2. Determine the scope of your project

Yes, you will need to match your incoming faucet to your shower configurations. Determining a few technical issues such as the way the finish of other faucets in the room will look like, tub or tub decks already drilled with a certain number of holes, and of course your bathroom décor plans.  There are several options of faucets, showers and bathtub choices available within various budget sizes for washing off the cares of the day.

3. Shower Set

Shower Set come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, spray patterns and beautiful luxury features.  Shower Set can provide everything from a single showerhead basic spray to seven or eight luxurious functions. Shower set can come with waterfall or rainfall, mist pattern showerhead along with massage body sprays. Shower set can also be elaborate that encompass LED showerhead, digital display controls for shower set, thermostatic anti scalding shower mixer, handshower, sliding bar and more options. Different manufacturers offer a variety of shower set patterns, such as rainshower, fast and slow massage, aerated spray, whirl, soft drench, and more. Shower set comes in different finishes including the antique bronze shower finish, gold shower set, oil rubbed bronze shower set. Taking the time to browse through the showerhead that fits your need is advised. Shower Set are the most sought for.

4. The valves

The plumbing part that controls the water flow of any shower set is known as the valve.  It is usually covered by the control handle and the wall plate or escutcheon. Don’t assume that you can simply install a new shower or faucet over an existing valve.  There are basically two types of valves: tub and shower valves which are mostly pressure balancing valves that have the capacity to correct for temporary fluctuations caused by water usage in the building. The other valve is the thermostatic valve, which regulates the temperature of the water itself, and not just the mix based on a preset preference.

5. Bathtubs and shower set

You need to determine what type of bathtub or shower set would fit into your bathroom décor plans. Basically, there is the tub/shower combo set, shower only trim kits, tub only shower set which could be recessed shower set, LED shower set waterfall rainfall or mist, spa like shower set or the basic showerhead and handheld shower set.

6. Shower systems

Shower systems can include a combination of valves, volume controls, diverters, showerhead(s), body sprays, and hand showers. Some systems may incorporate tub fillers as well. You can set up your shower system to accommodate a single bather, or with adequate space, two at a time, your choice.

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