Handicap Bathtub Options: The Easy Step Miracle Method

Written by Posted On Friday, 22 February 2019 08:47

Bathtubs are one of those little things that make a home wonderful. They are a simple luxury which many people enjoy and most can afford. Whether one uses their tub to relax with a glass of wine, as a kid play land of soap suds and water toys, to get muddy pets clean, or to hang delicate laundry otherwise destroyed by the dryer, tubs make all the difference. However, for the elderly or disabled, a bathtub can be a dreaded place full of danger. It can be a difficult task to raise one’s leg over the side of a deep tub. We want to help alleviate fears and prevent injuries. There are real concerns about slips and falls. Here at the Miracle Method we want to change all that.

Bathtubs should be a pleasure for everyone that wants to use them. We have a great solution to make them accessible and enjoyable again. We call it our Easy Step bathtub conversion. This feature creates a custom notch in the side of your bathtub. This lowers the height of the bathtub ledge within the area of the notch. With a lowered ledge section, one can then easily get into the tub. Typically our Easy Step is about two feet wide and nine inches deep, making it easier for nearly everyone to step over it. In addition, we provide easy grab bars, hand held shower nozzles, anti-slip surfaces, and curved curtain rods to create more room. We can even provide a bath chair for added comfort and ease of use.

As one gets older they realize that an easy access tub is what they need for the longterm future. Many retirees are wanting to plan ahead and enjoy their home for as long as possible. In their older years they want to have the freedom to stay in their own home, remain independent, and keep living costs low. Having an accessible bathtub enables many people, even with a slight loss of mobility, to take care of themselves without the worry of injury or the need for assistance. Having an easy access bathtub is one of many ways to provide luxury, freedom, and peace of mind.

Of course there are other bath options out there. Other walk in bathtubs on the market are often very expensive; prices may reach into the thousands of dollars. They often require more water to fill, and they may begin to leak over time. Also problematic, they are simply not practical for all household members. At Miracle Method we have the retirees needs in mind. We want to provide affordable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for an easy access bathroom. Our methods require minimal renovation that is completed quickly. Our Easy Step renovation typically takes less than one day, and is priced at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. What’s more, the renovation can be reversed for later home resale.

When one goes to sell a house, some walk in bathtubs are only directed toward older users. Younger buyers may not want the added renovation cost of taking out a walk in tub in order to install a traditional tub. Taking out an unused walk in tub can be costly and require plumbing and wall restoration. With our Easy Step, one’s bathtub ledge can easily and affordably be restored back to it’s full height. The lowered ledge can be filled in and the normal ledge can be mended without any trace of the previous alteration. Even with a lowered ledge, other family members can still use the bathtub comfortably. Our Easy Step offers convenience and an affordable way to prepare for retirement. Also noteworthy, keeping or installing a tub, increases your homes value and resale appeal. Those wanting to sell their homes later, may find that buyers want to have at least one tub in the house.

There is really no better solution for retirees and caretakers. Installing an Easy Step can be one of the most beneficial gifts one can give to themselves, or someone they love. It just makes sense and that’s why we are so proud to offer our services. You can rest easy knowing that our surfaces last 15 - 20 years and we provide a 5
year guarantee. Call us today, we will provide a free in home estimate with no obligation to buy. This blog was written by Miracle Method, a Kansas City Bathtub Refinishing  company.

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