How To Develop An App That Will Help Your Real Estate Based Business

Written by Posted On Friday, 22 February 2019 09:21

The real estate industry has recovered in a huge way since the housing market crashed in the US. Technology has taken real estate by storm making it as easy as ever to see the hottest properties on the market. With the trend shifting to people doing most of online searching on their phones the need for real estate apps has boomed. Workflows can be optimized by agents working in one app or an entire real estate agency can work in one platform. The following are tips to developing an app for a real estate based business and what features the app should have.

Viewing Properties Easily

Viewing properties easily by scrolling with your thumb on a smartphone is more convenient than hoping your computer will load them all in a timely manner. A good piece of technology would be showing great related properties using a keyword analysis along with square footage and pricing. These houses being shown in the same area can help a user get an idea of pricing as well as what you can expect in a certain sized house. This is important as people tend to pick areas to live in before they have even gone to view a home in person.

Show Properties They Might Be Interested In

Showing properties that pertain to previous searches on the app being done can get the user back on the app. This can generate ad revenue as well as has a possibility of a home being closed. Referral money can be paid to send out certain properties or a commission can be paid for closed sales that were generated via the app. Monetizing the app can be done in a variety of ways so start thinking of different possibilities for streams of revenue.

Real Estate Agent Reviews

Aggregating reviews from a variety of real estate websites can give a user an all-inclusive look at what an agent can offer. With this being said plenty of agents offer some kind of compensation in the form of a gift card for positive reviews. People that are unhappy with an agent will usually turn this down though but it is something to think about. You want people to trust the reviews on your app so getting all of the information from different platforms helps do this.

Lender Reviews

If you are going to create an app that deals with lender reviews or finding a lender that matches up with what you need most, you need to be targeting the right keywords. Checking this is as easy as visiting as this can be a huge help. Targeting the wrong keywords will just end up with the app not converting as expected. Once the app is developed you can take a look at where it ranks for related keywords here to see how the app is ranked for a provided keyword.

Document Checklists

One of the toughest parts about buying a property is that of getting all of the documentation together. This can include tax forms proving income and those that are self-employed might even have to have current customers write letters proving that they have a steady income. A checklist on an app like this can be a huge help for the buyer, agent, and lender as the last thing you want is a delayed closing due to a document not being provided.

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