4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business’ Finances

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In this modern age, thousands of get rich quick schemes and financial gurus flood the marketplace claiming they have the best services. However, most of these options turn out to be hype. In reality, there are some fundamental financial principles which help keep both individuals and real estate companies afloat. These include investing, saving, and debt stacking to maximize the use of money already in play.

However, some innovations on the financial market prove to be quite lucrative for improving a person’s and business’ financial standing in the global economy. The following tips are here as a guide to provide further education. They are not a get rich quick scheme nor are they a hard and fast system to providing financial wealth.

As in all areas of life, real estate businesses need to implement hard work and financial strategies to ensure fiscal security. However, innovations such as these are excellent for helping bolster the financial principles already in play.

1. Financial Tracking Tools

The use of financial tracking tools can be as simple as an app on an IPhone or as tricked out as an entire software system like Quickbooks or Excel. No matter how you choose to keep your finances in check, using a financial tracking tool is an excellent investment. Not only do these tools help you track your spending, some tools—like a product management software (PMO)—allow you to track your resources in conjunction with your revenue.

For example, with the use of a PMO you’ll be able to track how much money you will need for a project from its conception all the way through to its deployment. This will allow you to project your revenue needs and help you implement a financial plan to get your product on the shelf in a timely manner.

While PMOs are generally meant for a more wide range project, they do make excellent budgeting tools in the realm of production as well as salary creation for your agents.

2. Big Data

The use of big data is typically not the first area that comes to mind when thinking of financial improvements. However, using big data across your real estate company will help you optimize your resources.

The concept behind big data is to use data analytics throughout all of your departments to optimize as many areas as you can. So, the use of big data can show you where agents are spending their time and effort. If you use your data analytics and discover that 40% of employee time is being spent on mundane tasks a computer can complete, a good investment for you would be to purchase an AI system to complete those mundane tasks. This will free up your agent base to work on more challenging projects—not only boosting morale but overall productivity as well.

Sometimes saving money requires you to make an investment first. Data analytics will show you where these investments are necessary so you can have a bigger revenue boon later.

3. Loans

Just as investing in AI might save some companies money and time in the long run, so too taking out a small loan for a project or an extension could benefit your financial standing. While going into debt may seem counterintuitive when you are trying to save money, establishing credit with local and national banks is important for making future purchases. This way, whether you need money or an expansion or for an emergency situation down the road, you have a relationship with a few different banks to demonstrate your trustworthiness to pay back debts. This will allow you to gain approval for larger sums of money when your realty business needs it.

A little research into online banking services will help you find the best online loans available to suit your real estate business’ needs.

4. High Impact Marketing

High impact marketing is a marketing strategy which intends to monitor current marketing trends and leverage them into sales. The most lucrative form of this is through social media marketing. However, social media marketing is more than just announcing sales online or running ads and hoping for clicks. High Impact Marketing is specifically designed to connect with consumers on a human level.

People use social media to stay in contact with their friends as well as turn their brains off by watching 27 cat videos at 3AM. Their eyes often skate over ads. What their eyes do not skate over though is interesting content. If a consumer is following your page, they’re going to love seeing memes, company pictures, and especially blog posts that answer their questions. Typically, these are not questions they have about a product or service that you provide, but questions in general about your niche.

While the specs are important, and the sale is important, the consumer first wants to feel educated. They want to know that they have all the information they need to make a purchase. So teach them about how to take pictures of the night sky. Give them a guide of the world’s best places to see the Milky Way. By providing them with this information on your post, you market to their interests and then provide a call to action throughout the post, specifically to sell your camera. This technique will increase your sales exponentially.


Implementing these 4 techniques are some very simple ways you can improve your real estate business’ financial situation. Remembering to use proper budgeting while expanding your products and services is crucial to fostering financial growth. Using data as a means to show where you need to invest is important for optimizing your business. Growing relationships with banks through small loans will show them your credibility for when future needs arise. And improving your online presence will increase your sales and reputation as a realty company with your consumers.

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