Glamorous and Inexpensive Luxuries For Any Home

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When it comes to decorating a home, many homeowners want to accomplish many things at the same time. They want to create a home decor style that works for them and feels pleasing on the eyes. They're also looking for a way to bring personality to every room in their home. Many homeowners are also looking for little ways to make that home feel full of inviting luxury. There are many simple, beautiful and elegant items that owners can use give their homes a touch of upscale style. Even better, many such luxurious items need not cost a lot.


The Large Bed


A bed is the very center center of the home. You want a bed that lets you get a good night's sleep. You also want to have a bed that is wide enough for you and your spouse at the same time. A large mattress can serve as the basis for the entire bed. Both the king size and the California king size are only slightly more expensive than a standard queen sized mattress but offers a great deal more space. Many people find that when researching the merits of the king vs california king, both are a good choice for their plans. Add in a bed style such as a canopy bed or four poster and your bedroom will feel like your personal getaway.


Gorgeous Draperies


Drapes are another way to add tons of style. They're also an excellent way to keep out the cold and unwanted light. If you know how to sew, you can find fabric you like and then make your own custom drapes. Many places sell less costly drapes that look wonderful. Select inexpensive fabric and then layer it on in front of the windows. Additional details can also be added to the windows seasonally. For example, dress the windows with rows of tinsel at Christmas for a festive holiday look.


Fresh Flowers


Flowers are just right when you want something affordable and yet luxurious at the same time. If you have a yard, you can plant a flower garden of your own. Set aside a part of the garden and bring on your favorite bulbs. As they grow, you can harvest them and bring in large bouquets to fill all corners of your home with color, light and wonderful scent. Even if you don't have a yard, you can still grow flowers. All you need are the right seeds and a few pots and you'll get amazing results.


Detailed Molding


Moldings are an ideal way to bring in texture. If you don't have moldings in your home, you can buy your own at a hardware store. All you need is a hammer and some nails to place them in any space. You'll find many varied molding styles. Simple clam shell molding can be placed in the living room. It will add detail and protect your walls from damage from chairs. You can place molding almost anywhere in the home. Use it on the ceiling to bring the eye upwards in a small room or as a way of creating a cozy nook in a much larger space.


Mirror, Mirror


Mirrors are both practical and yet luxurious at the same time. Mirrors fit well in any home and can be used in spaces such as the stairs and entryway. Details can be used to add additional luxury. Take a large, plain, ordinary mirror and paint the sides gold for an upscale look. Group together varied smaller mirrors along the wall to catch the light and brighten the entire space.


These details are easy to find and use in any space. Put up some fabulous molding and bring in plants and flowers. Use mirrors and a large bed. Your home will feel comfortable, inviting and warm for you and anyone you want to invite.

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