Need Extra Space? Consider These Storage Hacks

Written by Posted On Monday, 25 February 2019 21:01

Despite your best intentions, your home always seems to be stuffed full of things. While you may not always need the items in your house, they still serve enough use throughout the year for you to just throw out or donate. Since it's likely that you're going to be acquiring more items in the future, you need a few clever ideas on how to maximize storage in the space you have. Luckily, no matter how small or big living abode may be, there are a few storage hacks that might just benefit you. Here are a few of them.


1. Trundle Bed


If you've never heard of this kind of bed before, you're likely wondering what is a trundle bed, and how can it save you on space? The trundle bed is an excellent way to save up on space in a bedroom without sacrificing the number of beds you have in your home. If you have guests over, then it's only polite that they have a place to sleep. However, maybe you don't want to sacrifice an entire room for a guest if they don't visit that often. One excellent method of still having a bed for them is a trundle bed. This is a bed, usually a twin, that stores another bed beneath it. When you need to access that bed, you simply pull it out from under the bed and done. Add in some blankets, a pillow, and your guest is ready to sleep. The trundle bed is an extremely easy way of still having an extra bed in the event of a visitor stopping by without having to use a lot of space. Whenever the guest leaves, you can simply push the bed back under the original one, and all of that space is opened back up again.


2. Utilize Doors And Walls


Doors are everywhere in your home. Besides just separating rooms from rooms, they can serve another purpose, too. By hanging a cork slab on the door, you can custom hang certain items. This is perfect for crafts where you have a lot of tools but no place to put them. By pushing tacks and nails into the cork, you can easily hang them. If you choose to hang the cork on the inside of a door that is used for, let's say, a closet, you can easily keep it out of sight for guests and family when you're not using it. There are also numerous different products that provide pockets and a rack that you can hang on your door. These pockets can be filled with bigger items or smaller items that you can easily lose otherwise. The racks can also be easily used to hang items on.

This is true of walls, too. By using a rack, you can hang jewelry that might be otherwise cluttering certain areas. Not only is your jewelry within easy reach, but if displayed correctly, you can even make a decorative display out of them.


3. Staircase Steps


One underutilized storage space in the home is stairs. They take up a good amount of space in your home, so why not use it for storage? By carefully drilling into the front of the steps, you can transform them into drawers. These drawers can then be filled with items that you don't necessarily need every day, but you still want to keep around. Books, scrapbooks, board games, seasonal clothes, basically anything can be carefully folded and stored within the steps if you're mindful about it. One clever way to then depict what is inside of those stairs so you don't forget is to paint the front of the steps in such a way that hints to the contents within it. You can make your storage staircase steps functional and decorative with a little of elbow grease.

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