How to live with allergies: 3 life-changing tips

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Today allergies affect a lot of people, having them sniffle, sneeze and getting clogged up. Some have one allergen that set them off, others have several allergens.

Allergies can be seasonal and mild like pollen allergy, often only requiring extra tissues, nasal decongestant and eye drops once in a while. However, for others allergies are towards food, skin products, pets or dust, which interferes a lot more with their way of living requiring antihistamine tablets or similar on a daily basis.


Allergies might affect quality of life

Allergies are usually not a big problem as long as people avoid the specific allergen or allergens as well as they can, but it becomes a lot more difficult with allergies towards foods, skin products and dust. These allergies may not only affect people more severely, they’re also harder to avoid. Allergies towards food, make-up and dust allergies often require more attention, being more difficult to point out in different products, meals or places.

Talking about severe allergies is rather difficult, but if allergy symptoms interfere with life, having people to take days off, not being able to go outside on days with a high pollen count or making it difficult to visit friends and family, quality of life is affected.

More and more companies like Danish offer a range of allergy friendly products specifically targeted those suffering from different types of allergies, seeking to make everyday life run easier.

3 brilliant tips to implement in your everyday life at home

People suffering from allergies often have a medical equipment ready for use. However, smart initiatives can be implemented in an everyday routine at home, making life with allergies easier. Suffering from indoor allergy towards dust mites is horrible, not only because of the symptoms, but also due to the fact that these microscopic bugs live and reproduce in bedsheets, towels, sofa pillows and stuffed animals, making it quite hard to get rid of them. Therefore, make sure to regularly (at least ones a week) boil wash all of before mentioned and likewise dry it in a hot dryer to kill dust mites. It’s important that the temperature reaches a minimum of 60 degrees or higher. Air purifiers has likewise gained huge popularity within the community of pollen allergists, it being able to capture 99.95% of the invaders and let you breathe easier.

A lot of people are affected by pollen allergies and even though most pharmacies offer a range of products to reduce or remove symptoms, it’s also a great idea to take some simple precautions at home. It’s a good idea to remove clothes before entering the house and take a shower right away to keep the pollen outdoor. Likewise, don’t hang your laundry outside, rather use the hot dryer instead.

Struggling from skin allergies towards certain allergens in e.g. crème and make-up makes an everyday routine a little more difficult. A lot of time can be used on research and reading the info on the bag of products, which is why people with skin allergies should look out for allergy free make-up and skin products.

Combine allergy friendly products with simple changes at home

As mentioned earlier several seek to help people suffering from e.g. skin allergies, food allergies or alike by providing products or medical treatments, seeking to help those suffering with allergies. The absolute best advice is to both implement allergy friendly products and likewise change certain routines at home, making your everyday life and routines run easier. Suffering from allergies require in some way a new lifestyle, but it doesn’t need to be difficult nor expensive.

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