Creative Ways for Moms to Exercise in their New Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 28 February 2019 18:38

Many mothers are forced to juggle a multitude of activities in order for their families to run smoothly and efficiently. Because most moms are busy tending to the needs of their families, many find it difficult to routinely work out, especially when adjusting to a new home. However, doctors continue to stress the importance of exercising at least four times a week. Here are some ways that a busy mom can balance her daily life while still getting an adequate amount of exercise in her new home.


Try Aquatic Exercises

Many moms have decided that exercising in a pool can be a great way to maintain their cardiovascular health. If your home doesn’t have a pool, you may want to consider building one in your backyard. Not only does it open up the option for exercise, but it also raises the value of your home. And after installing, you may find that the monthly cost of a pool can be just as much as a gym membership or even cheaper. A busy mom can freely swim or engage in water aquatic exercises in the comfort of her own home. Also, with a pool you can host outdoor parties and activities for the entire family. WebMD states that aquatic activities are a great low impact way to build muscle mass and maintain cardiovascular health. These particular activities can be great, since women tend to lose more muscle mass with age. A busy mom can also use items such as weights and kickboards to make the workout even more challenging.


Take a Walk with Others

Who says moms have to exercise by themselves? If you are a busy mom, you can always encourage your family to join when exercising. On weekends, encourage the family to wake up early and go for a morning hike. In the evenings after dinner, increase your metabolism by encouraging your family to take a walk around the neighborhood. Instead of constantly jumping into your car for small trips, why not walk to the local market instead? There are also local groups where moms can take walks or runs together while the children are in school. The Mayo Clinic suggests that the average person naturally walks between one to two miles a day. The average mom may want to increase that amount gradually by one to three miles in order to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. You can also consider putting a treadmill in your home. A home gym could benefit you and the family greatly.


Indoor Activities Should Be Explored

What happens when it rains or snows? Is that a day when you should skip your workout? There are many strength building and core activities that you can do in your home, even without a home gym. In front of the television, do a few crunches, push ups, or run in place during the commercial breaks. Tackling your daily chores, such as cleaning the floors or dusting, can also help to burn some of those calories. And If you really want to get creative, arrange a small family dance party where you can burn calories and have fun in your new living room or play room.


Walk the Aisles of the Supermarket or Mall

While picking up food for the week at your local grocery store, why not also get some exercise? Some mothers manage to walk a half a mile or more just by exploring the aisle of the market. You can also go to your local mall and walk around all the floors. You can explore the stores close to your new home while also burning some calories. To add more to your workout, consider parking that car far away from the entrance. Both the supermarket and the mall can be a great, low cost, efficient way to get your daily steps while running errands.

There are many ways to creatively achieve your exercise goals in your new home. For your own health, moms should find ways to exercise regularly. Not only can exercise be fun and exciting, but it can also open up new ways of using the space in your home.  

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