3 Ways To Build A Career In Real Estate

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There are all sorts of careers out there, and no matter who you are, or where you live, there is a good chance that you are searching for a way to secure your financial future. For many people, this involves a secure place to live, the assurance that you have your basic human needs taken care of, and that you might have access to funds beyond your nest egg, or whatever your bills amount to. This is a pretty natural goal to desire to many - and of course, that’s one of the reasons why there will always be a future in real estate. Whether you are an individual or a family, you will always need a roof over your head - whether you are planning on having kids, and need to move into a house from an apartment, or simply need a new place as you move to a different neighborhood or city, to pursue new opportunities.


Many people choose to become realtors for many different reasons, and it isn’t surprising. When you consider that one of the most desirable traits in a new job for young people is flexibility, and realtors are often allowed to set their own hours. When you consider that there is an opportunity for growth, as well - we see why people want to build careers in real estate. However, how does one truly jump in? Here are 3 ways to build a long-lasting real estate career.


The Basics


First and foremost, you have to make sure that you get licensed. It’s important to note that this will take some time and money, so you should make sure that you are able to take care of yourself financially during this period. It is definitely best to save several thousand dollars before considering the switch, because the coursework and license could cost up to $1,000. For those who are worried about where they live - have no fear! Thanks to technology, there are now online courses that you can take to obtain a realtor’s license. This is the obvious step to take - the same way that one might take a CPA exam for your state, for example. Of course, before spending this time and money - make sure that you are solidified in terms of your decision, so that it does not go to waste.


Social Skills


Are you a people person? If not, that certainly is going to be an issue when it comes to real estate. You will have to be selling potential homes to people, and they want a warm and knowledgeable individual that can answer questions and explain concepts to them, not someone who appears nervous or makes them uncomfortable. They also want to know that they aren’t being deceived. Do you come across as approachable? You might want to ask close friends about their honest opinion about any aspect of your personality that might appear curt or abrasive. The idea is to be as non-judgmental as possible. You are connecting individuals to homes, and that is one of the most personal transactions that a person or family can make. You should certainly go out of your way to make sure that you speak clearly and confidently, do not appear frustrated, and are as personable as possible. This might also include compartmentalizing your own personal issues, putting a smile on, and making sure that you are as positive as possible.




When it comes to real estate, you will have to reach out to people. Of course, people will contact you when you work at a brokerage, but since real estate is often commission-based - you should be proactive. Are you still in touch with old friends? Are you good at using social media to reach followers, or know how to connect to them? You should study realtors that are successful, and figure out how to replicate their success while still making their methods authentic to yourself. If you have moved to a new city, or don’t know enough people - get out there! Pass out your business cards to business owners, at networking events, or to neighbors. This could always lead to a sale, that can lead to new networks. It’s important to always rememeber that.

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