Door Trends of 2019

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Whenever you want to update your home, possibly boost resale value, or enhance security, you should pay attention to your doors. It is a common mistake for people to only think about their doors when there is an obvious need to replace them. Doors offer one of the more memorable aesthetic statements that your home will make to visitors and passers-by. This can be a good or a bad thing. For example, most homes have some number of passers-by. Your door can make them think positively or negatively about your home and this plays into its value whenever you may choose to sell and having a visibly strong or newer door can subtly encourage criminals to choose a different target.

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If you live in a coastal area or have some interesting outdoor features, your doors should have more glass in them to take advantage of the views and get more sunlight into your home. Plain, clear glass is a traditional option but increasingly homeowners choose various designs within the glass to provide privacy and enhance the style of their home. Frosted glass doors are very popular, as are designs inspired by nature. Designs can be stock, custom, or a combination of the two and can encompass the entire sheet of glass or only a portion of it. Working with a designer can allow you to put your own style statement onto your property even if you don't consider yourself an artist.

A dramatic trend in doors for 2019 is the 10-foot door. The increasing size of doors that are being requested by homeowners is due to the desire to have increased viewing space and the ability to let more light in. The taller size adds drama and flair to your home as well. The requests for larger sliding glass doors are expected to increase in 2019. While 6 and 8 food patio doors were the standards not very long ago, buyers now want their sliding doors to be as large as possible to give them the feeling of being connected to the outdoors rather than stuck inside or cut off from the outdoors. Some builders and architects say it has been a very long time since they did 6 or 8-foot patio doors.

For those living in coastal areas at risk of strong storms and even hurricanes, concerns about larger doors can be mitigated or eliminated by the specific products you choose. Having to impact resistant doors is an option that can lower your insurance premiums. Choosing outswing doors for properties in coastal areas is a good idea because when the wind blows, it actually increases the seal between your home and door rather than allowing the wind to find a weak spot in that seal and blow inswing doors (and bad weather) into your property. The same effect goes for sliding doors and casement windows. Builders and homeowners are requesting more panels in their patio doors to bring the outdoors in with safety in mind.

The trend of taller doors and minimal or no molding applies to interior doors in 2019 as well. Some designers and homeowners have taken to matching wall paint colors to their interior doors as well. Visually pleasing to the eye, you will continue to find a wide variety of styles of barn doors available. They are a very effective partition and easy to use adding to their appeal. Builders acknowledge the continued popularity and demand for barn doors and many are including them in their homes as well.

In general, you will find that door trends in 2019 offer taller doors with more glass. You will also see less molding on doors with an emphasis on having more viewing area and the ability to be connected to the outdoors within your controlled climate. Despite being indoors, there is a very strong urge to not be cut off from the outdoors and taller doors, more panels for patio doors and having more glass help to accomplish this.

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