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Traditional Home Plans and Floor Layouts

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 13 March 2019 19:48

Whether you are on the hunt for a new home or you’re considering having a custom home built, it can be quite helpful to familiarize yourself with the various floor plans and layouts, so that you can determine which ones best fit your needs. Stating that you want a three-bedroom home or a house with a large kitchen isn’t usually enough because as you start to walk through various homes, it will become clear that not all floorplans work with your lifestyle.

Home Plans and Floor Layouts

Traditional house floor plans are one of the most commonly requested layouts, but what’s interesting is that this is just a combination of all kinds of popular styles. When you ask for a traditional floor plan, you will typically be presented with a home that pulls in elements from classic designs, such as colonial, craftsman, ranch, and modern homes, just to name a few. So, here’s a closer look at each unique style.


Colonial style homes have a number of different influences thanks to the fact they were built by early Spanish, Dutch, French, and English Settlers. They tend to have a very boxy shape to them, with the exterior using brick or wood. Another common feature is that they have high, steep roofs that help to add a sense of size and elegance to the home.

As for the floorplan, there are a few common features, including a staircase that tends to be in the center of the home, the dining room and living room will be on separate sides of the home, the kitchen will be at the back of the house, and the bedrooms on the second floor.


This style of home is great for those who are looking for multiple bedrooms and bathrooms that are spread out over one floor, or possibly two stories. The plan gets its name from the fact plenty of hand-crafted details are used in the construction and design. An exterior porch is also common in this style, which helps to create that cozy feel to the home.

As for the size and floor plan, this is where homeowners can get creative, as the emphasis is really on the hand-crafted details with craftsman, not the actual floorplan.


For those who don’t like the idea of a two-story home, a ranch floorplan may be ideal. This style of home is very long, and it doesn't have much in terms of height since it is a bungalow. Ranch-style homes are known for open concept living and layouts, so if you don't want that compartmentalized feel then this style of home will be perfect. It's meant for those who enjoy a casual floor plan. The main separation is between the living/entertainment area and the bedrooms.


Then we have modern floorplans, which tend to be heavy on architectural details, clean lines, and simple décor features. You can have a one or two-story floor plan, there tends to be a lot of windows to allow for natural light, an open floorplan, and an unassuming quality about it.

Be Informed on What You’re Looking For

By brushing up on the basics of various floorplans, you will be better equipped to find the perfect home for your lifestyle.

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