Blankets and plaids to change the look of your home

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When the fall is present in the afternoon, it may happen that you still do not want to put the heating at home by excessive. However, when we are on the couch or in our reading chair we can miss something that only covers our legs, our feet or maybe our shoulders. That "something" is a plaid or blanket.

What is a Plaid?

Plaid is a word of Scottish origin, and with it, reference was made to a plaid blanket that was used as a cape or tied at the waist. With the passing of time, the term plaid has changed its meaning from personal clothing to household clothing.

Currently, plaid is a softer blanket, and in some cases light, that is used as a complement in different rooms of a house. The plaid is a versatile, warm and cozy garment that we can use not only to wrap ourselves but also as a decorative complement to dress the sofa, a chair or the bed.

How to choose a plaid or blanket for the house?

Although it is a very simple decorative trend, for a plaid to bring a note of color and a lot of warmth it must be chosen with some care.

Regarding the fabrics, in the market, we find plaids or blankets made of cotton, wool, knitwear, synthetic or hairy fibers. If we are going to use it frequently or intensively, it is advisable that the blanket or plaid be made of a fabric made of a resistant and soft material, such as cotton or natural wool. But if its use will be occasional, then we can use a plaid of delicate fabrics like silk or hair.

As for the manufacturing technique, the plaids can be embossed (embossed or hollowed), printed or woven.

Habitually, the connoisseurs in the decoration use the plaids or woven blankets as a complement of sofas. However, for the bedroom prefer plaids embossed or embossed on the bed and even as a carpet. Synthetic hair blankets or plaids are very cozy but delicate, so their use should not be intensive because they require dry cleaning of dry cleaning.

Plaids in the bedroom

In colors and textures, everything is valid, provided that the plaids provide warmth and harmony to the room. For this, it is advisable to choose a neutral color or another that coordinates or complements that of the curtains, carpet or cushions. In addition to decorative elements, pendleton blankets can be used in the bed to regulate the temperature or shelter only the lower half.

For those who have cold feet, a plaid extended and placed half or ⅓ of the bed is ideal. We can also consider placing two or three plaids on the bed, in complementary colors and different textures, arranged as a waterfall.

If what we want is to get a casual and informal look, after making the bed we drop a plaid on it, playing with the geometry of the bed and the blanket. Thus we can place it crosswise in a corner of the bed, extended or semi-wrinkled.

If it is the order and the practical, you can place the plaids folded on a bench at the foot of the bed, or roll them up and place them in a rattan or wicker basket near the bed. Synthetic hair plaids shelter the bed a lot, but you have to run away from eccentricities like placing them as a tapestry on the walls of the bedroom.

Plaids in the lounge

In the room, plaids are used to complement the sofa. Where else are we going to wrap ourselves up in a blanket while watching our favorite series?

They can be placed folded on the armrest of the sofa, a chair or on a footrest. It is also possible to locate the plaid as a cover, spread over the sofa to provide a plus of warmth without shrillness.

If these furniture are covered in leather or similar, it is possible that the plaid will slip and end on the floor. In that case, you can consider placing the folded plaids on the shelf in the center table or in the living room console instead of decorative vases and figurines.

In other rooms of the house

The plaid is such a versatile element that it can be used not only in the living room and the bedroom. For example, if you have a reading corner or work at home, you can place a plaid on the chair or chair.

Going out in winter to take air and sun in the outdoor areas of our house is possible if we wear a giant knit plaid or polar fabric. The idea is to preserve the homely spirit of recollection without giving up the outdoors.

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