Matthew Davies Provides You with Things That Will Make You Smile

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Matthew Davies knows that the single greatest thing that you can do in life is to smile. They are infectious in a good way. Think back to the last time that someone smiled at you. Without thinking you smiled back. You may have even been having a bad day, but you still smiled. Chances are you probably felt a little better even if you didn’t realize it at the time. So, he is going to provide you with things that you can do, say, or look at that will put a smile on your face.

Things to Smile About

With the way things have been going in recent years, it is hard to find a reason to smile. Have no fear, we are here to provide you with some very good reasons to smile. Think of it as therapy that you don’t have to pay for. Smiling has been shown to make people feel a lot better about their day, their situation, and their life. So, get ready to have some reasons to smile and feel better.

  1. Clouds – Remember when you were younger, and you would lay on the grass and watch the clouds roll by? Chances are you had a smile on your face. Well, why not relive those days and head out to a field and watch some clouds go by? It costs nothing for you to do and you will have fun doing it. While you are, why not try to find some shapes in the clouds?
  2. Animals – More specifically baby animals. We don’t know too many people that can suppress a smile when playing with a puppy or a kitten. There are many animal shelters in your area that are looking for homes for some animals. Why not head down to the local SPCA and see if you can play with some of them. Heck, you might even rescue a little puppy or kitten from spending the rest of their life in a shelter.

  3. Hug – You see it all over the world. When people hug, both parties are smiling. There is something about an embrace that brings out a smile in everyone. So, call up a friend and see if you can stop by for a hug. Not too many people are against hugs, so pick a name at random from your phone list.

  4. Great View – Have you ever stood on the edge of a mountain and just looked at the landscape? You probably did it with a smile on your face. Well, set off to the mountains and do it again. All it will cost you is a little bit of gas and time to get there.


Matthew Davies hopes that he has provided you with a number of ways to smile. Always be on the lookout for new ways to smile. You will have a better day as a result. Nothing is greater than wearing a smile on your face. So, pick one of the ideas from above and make it happen.

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