6 incredible approach to sell a house, apartment rapidly and get high cost

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1. Find a good broker

A broker who does a lot of things makes it easier and faster for you to sell your home because they have a potential customer base who is ready to invest in real estate, there are many tricks to find people in need and know the market. Should help you value the house more accurately.

You should find these intermediaries through acquaintances, friends who have worked with them to ensure reliability. Some reputable brokers as Realtor, RENTAPARTMENT

2. Post complete information and many home photos online

Although there are brokers, you should also actively seek buyers to have more opportunities to sell houses and save money paid to middlemen. The information to post includes: location, area, price, legal papers, surrounding facilities, furniture available, ... There are many channels to post home sale information like the above groups social network, forum, website ...

In the image section, you need to take full photos of the corners, the room, the outside direction to look at the door, the road in front of the house. The more beautiful, clear and detailed the image is, the more people are interested and help people who want to buy your home.

3. Renovate the house

Any buyer likes a new, clean, decent home. Therefore, you should clean your house, throw away unnecessary or old items, wipe dirty stains ... to sell your house more easily.

For lighting systems, which are no longer bright, you need to replace them immediately, even buy some decorative lights at dark corners. Full light will make your home look more spacious, airy and more spectacular. Customers will definitely be impressed with bright houses.

With broken items such as doors, cabinets, taps ... you also need to replace them because no one wants to spend money to buy a house to fix so many new things that are inaccessible. A more complete house will be priced.

4. Decorate ornamental plants

Most homebuyers are very interested in the appearance of the house. Therefore, small, green plants will surely make your home more livable.

You should choose trees that are not too big, green, less deciduous, less watering so that you do not have to take care of your house. On the table, window podium, wall shelves should put more small pots like cacti, lotus stone, betel nut, longevity ...

5. Bring pets out of the house when visitors come

It is possible that your future visitor is allergic to dogs, cats ... and hates the sight of pet littering on the sofa, food, and drinking water to be paralyzed on the ground. So, before visitors come to see the house, you need to bring your pet "evacuate" and clean up all that is involved.

6. Hang the house number plate in the most visible place

This detail is very small and often overlooked. However, customers will be more comfortable if it is easy to find your home (in case there is no guide broker).

You should hang the number plate at the gate (if any) or right at the big door, unimpeded by the trees, canvas ...

These techniques are important but not everyone pays attention and remembers doing them. Try to follow the above notes to sell your home faster at a good price and refer to the topic Intensive view of real estate investment as CBRE


Peter Hoang - Founder at RENTAPARTMENT agency

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