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Pros and Cons of Automatic Garage Door Opener

Written by Posted On Friday, 12 April 2019 21:19

The technology is impacting every field of life and its activities. In this regard, it has shown its marks over the garage doors in our home. The by product of the technology and garage convergence is the automatic garage door opener which is getting immense popularity among the homeowners. However, like everything it comes up with some advantages and disadvantagesin the home.

Pros of Automatic Garage Door Opener

  • Getting into the home or driveway and pulling out of the car can be irritating for people. However, through the garage door opener, you have the convenience to open the door while just sitting into the car.
  • The garage doors are usually heavy in the weight which makes difficult for the people to move them or open. Especially for older, it can be dangerous for their body. Therefore, it would be safer for the homeowners to have the door opener that does not require any force to operate.
  • The garage has always been one of the targets of thieves as it contains some costly stuff in form of vehicles and instruments. Nonetheless, the garage can become secure through the technology updated garage door opener as it requires security codes or remote control to open the gate. This will disable the chances of attackers to break in the garage.
  • Homeowners have the luxury to buy the door opener at affordable rates. The price rates are going down just as the other tech stuff from the initial price offered which makes homeowners have a sense to try it in their home.
  • The misconception regarding the technological stuff such as the automatic garage openers is that they might be costly in energy usage. It isn’t the case in reality as it does not have high energy costs for its operations.

Cons of Automatic Garage Door Opener

  • The first problem of the automatic garage door opener is the installation costs that sometimes appear to be a burden for the homeowners. The new technology has a complicated process which needs to be done through professionals.
  • The consistent working of the automatic garage door opener requires the replacement of batteries. Homeowners must be ready to change the batteries almost every two years.
  • The biggest problem with the automatic garage door opener is that it works with the electricity. However, in case of the power outages, it would stop working. This will result in the sticking up of the car or any other vehicle inside which means in case of emergency you have to use the local transport.
  • The repairing and the maintenance costs are always looming regarding any feature of the home. Similarly, in case of the garage door opener, the sensitive feature will require you to provide it the maintenance services and repairing in case of any mishap. This will the end cost you extra money.

Automatic garage door openers have grown in popularity in the home improvement market according to the garage contractors. However, you should take your decision according to the conditions.

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