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What Is Latex Mattress Really All about?

Written by Posted On Saturday, 13 April 2019 14:27

All parts of the human body do not weigh the same and sometimes, the difference in weight between both sleepers of the same bed can be considerable. In latex mattresses, to avoid deformations, it is necessary to flip them frequently. This process must be done from top to bottom as well as from head to foot. The approximate frequency of flipping will be every 3 months.

Can moisture appear on a latex mattress?

Yes, if a proper maintenance of this type of mattress is not carried out, moisture stains may appear. To avoid this, latex mattresses cannot be placed on upholstered or varnished bases or multi-sheet bases with plastic slats. The substrates suitable for a latex mattress are the slatted slats of wood and the laminates of fiberglass with ultra ventilation profile. In addition, it is advisable to air the mattress regularly, at least once a week, and not to use covers or bedding with plasticized layers that prevent proper transpiration.

These mattresses can be used without any problem in coastal areas, where the environment is usually more humid. However, we must avoid installation in old houses or rooms that have a high degree of humidity.

What support is best suited for latex mattresses?

The latex mattresses need to perspire. For this reason, the support on which they rest should allow their ventilation. The ideal support is a multi-leaf base , which can also be integrated inside a sofa.

Carbon fibre laminates are not recommended for latex mattresses. However, bedsteads fiberglass, such as slatted Total Adapt of Pikolin , are particularly suitable for this type of mattress as its V - shaped blade allows maximum ventilation of all equipment rest. Wood laminates will be suitable, as long as the sheets are not plasticized.

In addition, you will find fixed or articulated mattresses made with breathable upholstered bases, especially indicated for those who want to combine a latex mattress with a firm base. You can check their characteristics as well.

The upholstered or varnished bases do not allow the mattress to breathe and could affect future humidity in the mattress . The springs of springs can not be used either, since they would deform the mattress.


Need a mattress protector?

Human bodies are pretty gross. We all generally tend to sweat at night. We all produce oil from our skins. A number of us put on makeup. We all additionally shed dead pores and skin cells. There are different activities that may produce a “wet spot” at the mattress. all of this may soak through your sheets and into the mattress. As soon as a bit gets into your mattress, it’s almost impossible to get it out of the mattress. Mattress protectors prevent any of that from getting into the mattress and can be taken off and washed.

Bamboo sheets are a wonderful preference for a relaxing sleep experience on a number of the best quality bedding or mattress you may buy. This ultra-tender sheet cloth is growing in popularity because of its unequalled durability, comfort, and because it’s crafted from exceptionally renewable resources.


Are latex mattresses hot?

Latex is a material that is characterized by a high adaptation and offers a soft rest, so that the person who rests on it will sink more than in a spring mattress. This feature causes the sleeper to have a greater surface in contact with the mattress and, therefore, there is a greater sensation of heat. In addition, in mattresses with synthetic latex this feeling is accentuated because they are less breathable than those made of 100% natural latex.

However, in mattresses with correct ventilation of the inner core and that have a quality cover, this sensation is minimal and it sleeps correctly. To do this, it is important to verify that the mattress cover or mattress pad incorporates non-thermal fabrics such as cotton and anti-humidity treatments, which will help to increase the feeling of freshness of the mattress.





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