How to Create Good Client Support in the Real Estate Business

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Great client support leads to repeat clients. These are clients who will refer your realty business to their friends and family. This level of client service starts with getting to know your products and services. You also need to think about the experience your clients have the moment they visit your real estate office or website, and what you can do to improve it. Here are eight ways you can gain insight into your clients and create the best client support they'll ever receive.


Get to Know Your Products & Services


To provide exceptional client service, you should know what you're offering your clients. That means getting to know your products and services. All of your agents need to know the ins and outs of your products and services. Create a list of the most common questions that your clients will ask and how to respond with answers that will provide the highest level of satisfaction.


Be Friendly No Matter What


Provide exceptional client service with a smile on your face. Whether you're speaking to clients over the phone or face-to-face, you should welcome them with a warm greeting. It's the first thing they'll hear or see when they ask for help. When handling client requests over the phone, make sure to smile as much as possible. A smile is reflected through your voice, so keep a mirror next to your desk to ensure that you're smiling at all times.


Don't Forget to Say Thank You


Taking the time to thank them will stick out in your clients' minds. It'll remind them why they choose your realty business in the first place. Saying thank you after handling a transaction is one of the best ways to ways to provide exceptional client support. Even if you're not handling a transaction, you should always thank your clients for their time. Regardless of the situation, showing a little bit of gratitude will have them coming back.


Train Your Agents


Make sure that your agents understand the way they should interact and engage with your clients. Train them on the various ways to respond to client requests, concerns, and problems. This type of training should be provided to your technical support and other employees who interact with clients on a regular basis. Having an employee training program that provides your staff with the tools they need to deliver the best client support will enhance the customer experience.


Show Respect to Everyone


It's important for you to lead by example since your employees pay attention to what you do. Customer service is an emotional experience. So it's important for you and your staff to handle each of your customer service tasks with courtesy and respect. Don't let your emotions override your desire to provide the best client support. For example, getting angry with your clients is one quick way to lose their business.


Listen to Your Clients


Listening is one of the most overlooked communication strategies. That means you should be actively paying attention to what your clients are saying. Listening involves paying attention to their body language or listening to their tone of voice. Notice for any signs that they're unsatisfied with the level of service while paying attention to what they're saying to you.


Be Responsive to Requests


There's nothing worse than when no one responds to a client who simply needs answers, help, support, or wants to find out more about a home you're selling. Your agents should respond to all requests as soon as possible. You should respond quickly, even if it's to say that you're looking into the matter and will get back in touch with them. It's important for your clients not to feel ignored, so provide some sort of response.


Encourage Client Feedback


Use customer surveys, feedback forms, Nextiva reviews, and questionnaires to encourage regular feedback from your clients. It's important to encourage feedback every so often to ensure they're receiving the best level of customer service. The results may surprise you and provide you insight into your clients and their desires. You'll also find out what they really think of your real estate business, products, and services.


Use that feedback to your advantage. Regularly review this feedback, so you can look for areas for improvement and adhere them to improve your business. You should encourage feedback on a regular basis such as every quarter or once a year.


These are the eight keys to excellent client support. It comes down to providing the best customer service and making sure they're happy with the service they receive. It's not just about the products and services, it also involves the ordering and purchasing process. If you work on these keys, then you're on your way to providing the best client support.

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