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In this article, we will talk about neon signs that have returned from the past to stay. Advantages and ways to include them in the decoration of our house.

Neon is a gas with which fluorescent tubes are filled. In the 1920s, George Claude began to use them in Paris and then export them to the United States.

In the 60s and 70s, neon became the best ally of advertising. Most advertising posters were made with neon letters to get the attention of the public.

Proof of this is Times Square in New York or Las Vegas, where even today the first neon advertising posters are preserved.

When the neon began to be used, whether for advertising or art, it was seen as a symbol of modernity. However, at present, it has a retro spirit, a spirit that has become so fashionable today.

Although the neon has gone through many ups and downs, nowadays it is a trend that is gaining more and more followers.

Advantages of neon signs

The neon signs offer other advantages in addition to decorating a room.

Among the advantages are:

  • There is a wide range of neon signs in the market so it will be very easy to find the neon you are looking for.
  • You also have the possibility to order custom neon light or custom neon signs.
  • They not only serve to decorate the walls but with a little imagination, you can decorate other places.
  • They provide an extra point of light. In addition to a lot of personality, style, and originality.

However, you should know the key aspects of neon signs so that its use really is spectacular.

One of the first keys is that simplicity is a success. Avoid excesses and look for simple designs. On the other hand, remember that the use of neon can have different shapes, colors, and sizes. So it is important that you are more or less clear about two things, mainly:

Where you want to place the neon signs: the living room is the most usual place, but we can also find it in the kitchen room, on stairs or even in the bathroom.

What do you want: are you looking for a phrase or just one word?

Surely you have a phrase, word or figure that identifies you. This would be a good option to decorate your house. Without a doubt, it would be something super personal and very stylish.

Finally, remember that if you choose a word or phrase you can also choose the typeface. In this way, you will have a super custom neon sign that nobody else will have.


The neon signs have returned from the past to stay. Choose simple designs and remember that it is an element that can be quite customizable.

The neon letters have gone from being essential in advertising to become a trend in interior decoration. It is an element that does not leave anyone indifferent and that has some advantages that will make us want it in our house.

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