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5 Factors to Consider to Choose the Right Mattress Topper

Written by Posted On Monday, 22 April 2019 03:58

A mattress topper can be used for various reasons, like amplifying the softness, support and luxury of your bedding. It usually is placed at the top of the bedding for making it more even and increase its thickness. The luxurious mattresses are often expensive, and replacing them at the drop of a hat is not always the best option. The right topper not only fixes the situation with only a fraction of the cost of a brand-new mattress but prolongs the life of your bedding by at least a couple of years.

Here are the few factors that you need to keep in mind when buying the right topper.

1. What Is the Purpose of Your Mattress Topper?

Knowing why you need it will help you in choosing the right mattress topper. For example, if it is some extra cushioning that you are looking for to fix the firmness of your bedding, then you need a material that is soft and has a fair amount of thickness. If it is pain relief that you are looking for, then you need a latex topper with a higher density to provide the extra support to your joints. If you and your partner prefer a different level of firmness, then getting one that is only the size of half the bed is a good idea.

2. What Is Your Preferred Thickness?

The amount of firmness of your topper varies from material to material. For example, the latex ones may come with standard firmness, but foam ones differ in this department. Wool is relatively firmer than feather ones.

In general, any type of topper material comes in 3 different thickness ranges:

• 2 inches thick

This is the thinnest you can have when choosing to add comfort and softness to your bedding, and it is perfect when your mattress is brand new.

• 3 inches thick
Toppers this thick tend to be a bit firmer and provides more support than the 2-inch ones. If your goal is to add some extra support to your body, then this is the thickness you should go for.

• 4 inches thick

This is the maximum amount of thickness you can get; any more than this and you might as well consider it to be a full-size mattress. If your mattress is really old, has a lot of uneven areas and cannot provide enough support, this thickness will be best for you.

3. Are You Allergic to the Material?

You may be allergic to certain types of materials, like latex or feathers. In that case, it is best advised to avoid such products. For those of you who suffer from dust allergies, you might want to steer clear of feather or synthetic materials. Dust mites are another cause of allergies, so choosing a material like wool, latex, or silk that are naturally dust-mite resistant is a good idea.

4. Are You Affected by the Odour of the Material?

Memory foam, latex and wool have a certain odour to them which usually goes away after using them for a few days. But if the smell of the material bothers you for weeks or even months, then you need to pick a different material.

5. Do You Tend to Move a Lot in Your Sleep?

Memory foam prevents transferring of motion, which is great for sound sleep especially if you have a partner who tosses and turns a lot. If you don’t like the idea of synthetic bedding, then you can choose a natural latex topper which has similar benefits.

Once you understand the various qualities of a good topper, choosing the right one for your luxurious mattress is easy. If you want to avoid having stains on your bedding then just getting a waterproof mattress pad should be enough. Reading the instructions of the manufacturer will also give you an idea about the maintenance required for the product.

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