10 Tips for Buying a Beach House

Written by Posted On Thursday, 02 May 2019 15:15

Tips for buying a beach house

Have you been having thoughts about buying a beach house, probably in one of your favorite vacation spots? Are you fantasizing about pleasure? Profit? Or both?

Whatever your reason might be, you need these 10 tips to make sure that you end up making a smart investment.

1. Location

This is one very crucial factor to consider. You might already have an area in mind because it has certain features that make it very desirable to you. Maybe it is close to bars, restaurants and relaxation centers. Does it offer tranquility and seclusion? Do you have an idea whether the property values in this location show a steady appreciation rate? There might be a need to hire a knowledgeable and experienced realtor to help you find a property in your desired location. For rental purposes, the closer your house is to the beach, the higher the chances are of renting it out to someone.

2. Home Inspection

You might want to hire a home inspector that is very experienced in beach properties. Sometimes, a specialized inspection is recommended depending on the circumstances surrounding the property. It is important, however, to take note that, not all inspections are created equal.  There are times that a structural engineer is needed to inspect a beach homes foundation or pilings.  Older beach homes have a tendency for the foundations to sink over time due to being on the sand. Depending on whether or not your offer is as is or standard the seller may be required to make certain repairs before you close.

3. Call on Property Management Companies

Again, for rental purposes, the services of an expert licensed Property Management Company is a must-have. Their job is to work together with you to develop a plan for your property to maximize your revenues.

4. Design, Decoration and Look

If you’re going to be using your beach house as a rental property, remember that crowd-pleasing themes with cohesive color patterns are very appealing, as renters would be viewing the properties online and make their decision based on the pictures they see. Beach themes with cool greens and blues, neutrals, navies, and woods are a good choice but make sure that the theme is consistent throughout the beach house.

5. Upgrades

Who doesn’t want an upgraded house? Bright kitchen with high-end kitchen appliances, new furniture, modern bathrooms, and Wi-Fi all contribute to giving the beach house a great look and a good sense of luxury. The more upgrades the house has, the more popular it will be and the higher is its desirability.

6. Amenities

Give priority for areas that have amenities. This not only makes your stay more comfortable, but it also makes renting out the house easier.

7. Price

Whatever you do, make sure that you do not go over your budget for any reason.  You will typically be paying primarily for the location or the lot and secondly for the structure when buying a beach house. Keep this in mind and don't forget to get an appraisal, even if you're paying cash

8. Shop Around for Insurance

Every property has different requirements depending on certain factors like zip codes and flood codes. Ensure that you do shopping around, comparing prices of premiums, deductibles, and coverage amounts before settling for an insurance deal. You can also contact your current insurance agency because bundling generally saves money.

9. Outdoor shower

While this is not so important, an outdoor shower is helpful to cut down on the mess that could result from stepping inside the house with sandy feet after a nice time on the beach. You can decide to make it a criterion for buying or you could install yours when you buy the beach house.

10. Be a Guest Before you close the deal

There can be occasions when a property can be rented while it’s still on the market waiting for a buyer. In such cases, it is a perfect opportunity to try it out before you buy it. This is the best way to assess out the closeness to restaurants, the beach, to check out the views, or to estimate the level street noise. While you make yourself comfortable in your ‘potential’ new home, begin to ask yourself what you love about the property, what you would change and if it’s worth the price.

Having these tips at the back of your mind, you are now ready to start looking for that perfect beach house to call your own.

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