How to Become More Eco-Friendly

Written by Posted On Friday, 03 May 2019 08:49

Global warming and climate change continue to be pressing issues that we need to address before it's too late. This means altering the way we live, and making use of more eco-friendly practices. By reducing the carbon footprint we leave behind, we can help ensure a longer life for the earth.


Turn Off Unused Electronics


Many people leave their T.V.'s, tablets, computers, and other devices running, or in standby mode, throughout the day, even though they may not be using those items regularly. Believe it or not, even standby mode constantly drains electricity. In addition to wasting energy, this practice also puts a drain on your wallet. You'll help the environment and save money by keeping these devices off until you need to use them. You may even find that you'll use them less when you have to wait for the devices to turn on.


Reduce Your Use of Plastics


We know that plastic is bad for the environment, but most people don't realize how easy it is to reduce or eliminate our use of plastic products. In fact, most of us use plastics frequently without giving it a second thought. You can begin by bringing your own cloth shopping bags with you to the grocery store and by buying fresh produce loose instead of bagging them together. By investing in a tap filter, you can even eliminate the need to buy bottled water.


Trade in Your Gas Guzzler


You can have a larger impact on the environment by changing how you get around town. If it's not possible to get rid of your car altogether, try trading in for a more fuel efficient vehicle, like the 2019 Toyota Camry. Combining greater fuel economy with fewer hours of driving can significantly limit your use of fuel. Additionally, you'll be decreasing the environmental contaminants in your community.


Get Rid of Your Incandescent Bulbs


Incandescent bulbs drain money and energy, because they run hot and burn out within a relatively shorter period of time. On the other hand, CFL light bulbs don't burn as hot, and they use less energy. This means there's a lower consumption of energy over time, so our limited resources won't be wasted. Additionally, CFL bulbs last for several years, so, while they may be a little more expensive to buy, you won't have to replace them nearly as often.


Go Paperless


You can save trees and help the environment thrive by reducing your dependency on paper. Almost every business now offers paperless billing, allowing customers to pay their bills online. You'll get electronic statements and receipts, which you can save to a file on your computer. If necessary, you can print it out at a later date. Going digital in this way will significantly reduce your reliance on paper products, which means fewer trees will need to be harvested. As an added bonus, you won't need the filing cabinets filled with receipts, statements, and other documents, so you'll have that much extra space in your home.


Eat More Plant-Based Foods


We're continuing to learn just how bad processed foods are for us, as doctors continue to push more plant-based diets on their patients. In addition to these diets being healthier, they can also help us save money and protect our environment. Packaged foods generate vast amounts of plastic and paper waste, which isn't a problem when buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Locally grown produce comes with its own natural wrappers, so buying these items will help you reduce the amount of processed foods manufactured each year. Fresh produce is also cheaper, especially when you buy products that are in season and locally grown.


There are many more ways you can help the environment with your daily choices. Many people find that living an eco-friendly lifestyle also helps them save money, making these practices doubly advantageous. Every action you take to preserve the environment will help ensure future generations will be able to enjoy a thriving and healthy planet.

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