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7 Golden Tips for a Smooth Bathroom Renovation

Written by Posted On Monday, 13 May 2019 12:44

We bundled years of knowledge and asked engineers, designers and other professionals for their best tips and insider tricks for a successful bathroom renovation. Renewing a bathroom is not a small business. So before you start breaking up the tiles and choosing the bath, you can ask a little advice from the people who install bathrooms daily. Find a bathroom remodeling contractor near you and ask for help. With the renovation tips from this blog you are well on your way to creating the bathroom that you have always wanted.

1- Be Inspired By Pinterest

The Pinterest is the platform to find great ideas and inspiration for your bathroom project. Do you like to browse through glossy magazines with many beautiful photos? Then you will also like Pinterest. Did you ever rip photos from your magazines to turn them into a mood board? Well, Pinterest is a digital mood board: you can easily save pins - as it is called - on boards that you create yourself. There are many professionals or bathroom remodeling contractors who have done all the necessary work for you; add the latest bathroom pins every week. Check it yourself here.

2- Think About Your liferstyle

When renovating your bathroom, think about how your current lifestyle can affect the functionality and choice of materials in your bathroom. Marble can be beautiful, but is not a good idea if you have (small) children who regularly flood the bathroom. Then you better opt for high-quality materials that are easy to maintain and that are not trend-sensitive, so that your bathroom will look nice for next 10 years.

Tip: You now have acrylic sheets into which all kinds of materials are cast and which you put against the wall, with LED lighting behind it. They are perfectly washable and quick to maintain.

3- Make a Budget

Make a budget and stick to it. Keep in mind that most renovation projects are faced with unforeseen costs. For example, the cost of a complete renovation of an average bathroom of 9 m2 ranges from $3,500 to $10,000. A professional bathroom remodeling contractor in Denver can provide an overview of the cost components for the complete renovation of your bathroom.

4- Plan The Renovation

Work according to a plan. Do not leave the room for improvisation, because that will certainly go wrong. For example, ask for the technical data sheets of the selected devices to provide all connections at the exact location.

5- Replace Old Pipes

Try not to save by linking new points on old pipes. This is adviced by a professional bathroom remodeling contractor in Denver that old pipes must be replaced everytime on remodeling. When planning, make sure that you do not change the entire layout of your bathroom. Moving pipes for toilet, sinks and shower / bath is not easy and can be incredibly expensive.

6- Waterproofing is the Most Important Thing

Waterproofing is the most important thing in a bathroom renovation project. Waterproofing a bathroom is no mean feat. If you are a do-it-yourselfer with little practical experience and knowledge in bathroom renovations, we definitely recommends hiring a specialist for this task. Because if waterproofing is not done properly, you will get condensation and mold. And that simply does not belong in a new bathroom (or one floor below!).

7- Hire Good Professionals

This naturally brings us to the next and last tip: hire good professionals if you do not want or cannot do the work yourself. When in doubt, ask bathroom remodeling contractor Denver for advice.


Do you want a new bathroom? It does not matter whether you are going to roll up your sleeves yourself, or whether you hire professionals to do the work for you. We have given you the best tips to get inspired, budget and provide your bathroom with a high level of finish.

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