10 Reasons to Move to Australia

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Many have considered moving down under, or at least going on holiday to see what’s on offer there. But perhaps it’s time to take your consideration to the next level, and start planning your dream move.

Australia is well known for it’s beaches, forests, and natural wonders, as well as it’s highly ranked place in the sporting and business worlds. It is a safe, sunny, country to start a new life and raise a family in. Moving to Australia is worth serious consideration. Here’s why:


  1. You Will Have Better Quality of Life

Australia ranks 9/10 for ‘Life Satisfaction’ in the OECD’s Better Life Index, with health, community, education, jobs, the environment and housing all achieving high ranks. Australia is the top ranking overall outside of mainland Europe. The majority of Australians live in vibrant cities, but still have easy access to beatiful coastlines, nature, and outdoor fun like surfing, trekking, camping and fishing.


Sydney, Australia. Photo by Christopher Burns


  1. You Will Feel Safe

In Australia the crime rate is very low compared to the rest of the world. The community focussed culture of the residents helps to make it a safe place to live and raise children. The Australian laws ensure that public places are free of drunkeness and aggressive behaviours, they have a strong capable police force that work hard to ensure the public are kept safe.


Cairns City, Australia. Photo by Cris Saur


  1. You Will Enjoy the Weather

Most of the year you can enjoy warm, sunny days and fairly mild temperatures. It doesn’t get extremely hot or extremely cold in Australia, it maintains reasonable temperatures year round.


  1. You will have Access to High Quality Healthcare

Australia ranks an amazing 9.5 for Health, in the Better Life Index. They boast some of the worlds best hospitals and specialists, and citizens are provided with hospital care and basic healthcare as part of their taxes. Although there is government funded Medicare, private healthcare is also availble, and many large companies offer health insurance to employees.


  1. You will Find a Good Job, With a Good Salary

Australia has a very competitive Economy, and a booming job market. There are plenty of job opportunities available in a range of fields, something to suit everyone. The Australian economy has been on the up and up for the last thirty years or more and shows no signs of slowing. Unemployment rates are very low, and the minimum wage is currently the higest in the world, at $719.20 AUD per week. Even if you started on a casual job, you would still be earning a higher salary than in a lot of European countries. High end business jobs pay very well too.


  1. You Will Experience Natural Beauty and Clean Air

While living in Australia you can visit over 500 national parks and 14 world heritage sites. You can find nature all around you, from rainforests, to desserts, to snow topped mountains, to beaches, there is a lot of biodiversity in the varying landscapes of Australia. The air pollution levels in Australia are one of the lowest worldwide so you can breathe easy there too.

Francois Peron National Park, Australia. Photo by Michael Lämmli


  1. You Will Have Plenty of World Class Study Options

Deciding on what school or university to send your children to (or attend yourself) will be easy, they’re all good quality on a world wide scale and there are over 1200 tertiary institutes and countless primary and secondary schools to choose from. Whichever state you decide to settle in you will have a variety of great options. Qualifications from Australia are well recognised and valued worldwide.


  1. You Will Have Space to Yourself

The continent of Australia has the lowest population density in the entire world. Most towns and cities are situated along coastlines, meaning you are never too far from a beach. You will have the option of buying a house, rather than just an apartment, and still being close enough to a city centre. The house you buy or rent will generally have a good amount of land too, with most having a front or back yard, and swimming pools are not uncommon in the suburbs either. There are far fewer high density housing areas than most other developed countries.

Twelve Apostels, Princetown, Australia. Photo by Daniel Seßler


  1. You Will be Able to Watch and Participate in a Wide Range of Sports

Sport is an important part of Australian culture. They are very proud of their sports teams, who do well in the world arena in many sports like Rugby, Cricket, Netball, and Surfing. You can watch your new homeland play on TV with pride. The Australian football team is also getting stronger with many older players now choosing to sign one last contract there before they retire in style. Australia also has their own version of Football called ‘Aussie Rules’ which if you are feeling brave and competitive is worth having a go at.


Bondi Beach, Australia. Photo by Alex King


  1. You Will Benefit From Being in a Wonderfully Multicultural Environment

Cultural diversity is very noticeable in Australia, it is like a melting pot of cultures. While people maintain and value their own roots, they also embrace the positive things from the other cultures around them. It won’t be hard to find your own group of people there, but at the same time you’ll enjoy learning about, and interacting with other cultures, enriching your life through those experiences. Australians are generally very accepting of cultures different to theirs, and are one of the least racist countries in the world according to the World Values Survey.

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