5 Tips to know a Potential Homebuyer

Written by Posted On Thursday, 16 May 2019 23:15

Are you in a dire need to have a property sold and you’ve got yourself a number of folks who promised to get back to you soon but never did? That means they have dealt you the wait-on-the-line card. If you are one who likes to keep promises, you might even shrug away some other potential buyers because someone promised to get back to you for the purchase. Well, you can always tell bad energy to stay far away by knowing tips to identify a potential homebuyer. Here are tips to watch out for and know if you’ve got a potential buyer on your porch.

1. They are eager

A potential homebuyer who has gotten a good deal for a home is quite eager to know everything about the house, about when you are moving out, about when they can move in. Sometimes, it might not show on their face, but they ask important questions that suggest that they are weighing the option heavily on their mind.

2. Imaginative

A potential homebuyer has their imaginations heightened; you could see their lips moving and describing things they might want to do with space. Once they have seen the compound, they are eager to see every space and crib in the house. Their body language and gestures point at places with descriptions and sometimes, you can loudly hear them say stuff like, “this would be a good place to put a child’s rocking chair,” “the car would definitely fit this garage”, and so on.

3. Agents are quite different

There are agents that specifically deal with house purchases. They buy from people who need to sell their houses urgently and they make payments within a short while. If you have one of such property investors, rest assured, you have gotten yourself a sure homebuyer. As long as every discussion is set, documents checked, and an agreement reached, you will have your home sold! Would you like to sell your house in Longmont? We buy houses in Longmont.

4. They bother with calls

Naturally, once someone tells you “I’d get back to you, soon”, there is a 50% chance that they never would. However, if an agent or a person keeps calling you to know the affair of the house or to tell you how hard s/he is working to raise the payment as soon as possible; there, you have a great ball coming into your net. Potential buyers are always concerned and they try to reach out to tell you that they still have the offer in mind. Some other times, based on your agreement, they give specific callback days to show that they are serious. If a callback date is unspecific and the calls are not waking you up, you might have to take your mind off.

5. Their status could tell

People’s statuses could also tell if they would buy your house. For a small place, a divorcee or a single mother would easily be desperate for a change. A new couple would be willing to get an averagely sized home. Check their fingers or ask about their partners, you could get yourself the cue.

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