Home Makeover? Truths and Lies of remodeling.

Written by Posted On Friday, 17 May 2019 09:25

Home Makeover? Truths and Lies of remodeling.

Just finished paying off your house? Think it's time to start redecorating? Want that new kitchen you've always dreamed of? Well before you start, you need to learn the truth about renovating. Reality TV shows are lying about the majority of the tasks they complete on their episodes. There are a few things to know. One, you need to know the best time to buy new appliances. Two, there isn't a contractor out there that would work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Three, under no circumstances should you rush into a decision. So here is what to expect when renovating a home.


When Should I Buy?


First, you need to know the best time to buy appliances, if needed replaced or upgraded. Manufactures love to roll out new models of ovens, refrigerators, all that good stuff. When they do it will always be done in September, October and January. So hope your air conditioning doesn't go out in May, if you're trying to save money. When those new models come in, retailers are hungry to sell all the old models at great deals to stock up on the newer models. Another good time to go shopping would be at the end of the month. Those last couple days are the days that employees fight at a chance to make a sale. This is because they are trying to reach their quotas for the month. So that would be when you want to go in a bargain your way into some kind of discount. Also, if you're just trying to have a smooth trip to the mall Thursdays could be your days to go pick up that fridge. It is the day before the weekend rush, so the store shouldn't be busy. This helps with a 'get in, get out' kind of mentality for the husbands trying to make it home in time for the football game. All and all, using this as a guide you will know when it is the best time for YOU to replace those appliances.


Who do I hire?


Next, I bet you that you can't find a contractor that works all hours of the day nonstop. Go ahead, make some calls. I can wait... See your reality TV show lied to you. Not only does it take more than a day to renovate an entire kitchen, no construction worker around would want to work round the clock. This is because in the majority of states regulations prevent construction maintenance to happen in a residential neighborhood after bedtime hours. Don't forget that your neighbors would like to sleep. Other than that, construction workers are all apart of a union. The could easily go on strike and not work if you over work them. They need sleep too. Even if you found a crew that is willing to work all hours of the day, labor laws are gonna stop you. These are laws that prevent overworking an employee, because that is cruel to make someone work non stop. Besides, do you want a man passing out with an electric saw in your home? I know I wouldn't.


When do I Pull The Trigger?


Lastly, Never, ever rush into a decision. This is your home, you aren't gonna be living somewhere else. Rushing into any decision is a bad idea. You need to do your research online, and within yourself. Sometimes, you think you love something to just be revealed you only loved the idea of it. Sometimes, you realize what used to be there is what you really wanted, and whats there now doesn't fit into your image of 'home'. You want to wash your hands of it and be glad that you did. Granite or Marble countertops?


I said it once and I'll say it again, your reality TV shows are keeping secrets from you. If you want to renovate your house, you need to know a few things. One, you need to know the right time to buy appliances. Two, you need to understand that it doesn't take a day to renovate a kitchen, let alone an entire house. No construction crew will work around the clock. Finally, no matter what you do, don't ruin your home by rushing into a decision. Now that you know these things, I think it's time for you to upgrade your home.

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