7 Ways to Modernize your Home

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 29 May 2019 12:43

One of the most fulfilling achievements in life is owning a home. You might have bought or built your current home a few years back. Alternatively, you might have inherited it from your folks or relatives. In any case, the house might seem and feel a bit outdated because it still has some of the old designs and features. Below are a few improvements that you can incorporate to make your home feel more modern:

1. Replace the Lighting

The first and simplest improvement to make your house look more modern is to upgrade the lighting fixtures. You can replace the light bulbs with LED or pendant lighting. Alternatively, you can use wall sconces and flush mount lighting. The trick is to make your home look brighter. If you are buying table or floor lamps, make sure that you go for metallic ones because they tend to look more modern.

2. Go for Monochromatic Colors

You can also modernize your home by painting the walls with a single shade of color. You can go for off-white, beige, taupe, and crème. In case some of these colors don’t match up to your taste, you can add an extra layer of lime or chocolate. The goal is to make your home feel more calm and tranquil.

3. Install Renewable Energy

There has been a lot of concern about global warming and greenhouse gases. So that you are not left behind, you can decide to make your home more environmentally friendly by using renewable energy. You can install solar panels or wind turbines if the wind speeds are good. Make sure that you know how big is a solar panel before you buy it. You need something that can properly fit on your roof. Most renewable energy sellers will include installation costs in the final purchase price. That can save you the hassle of trying to do everything by yourself.

4. Less is More

Another thing that you can do to make your home more modern is to remove some of the furniture in the living room. Declutter your living space to make it feel more spacious. You should also choose one item to act as the focal point for the room. Go for something antique or a good looking piece of furniture. The piece will draw visitors’ eyes towards it and give the room a certain personality.

5. Update the Windows

It might be time for you to remove those old curtains if you want to give your home a refreshing new look. People tend to overlook the windows because they don’t spend a lot of time looking at how it’s designed. They are only interested in the outside view and letting air flow in the house. You’d be surprised at how installing custom blinds or different colored curtains can make your rooms feel more lively and modern.

6. A Touch of Time

If your living room doesn’t have a wall clock, it might be time for you invest in one. You can search online for creative and modern clocks that look more like artworks instead of time tellers. So that it doesn’t seem out of place, make sure that the wall clock matches the wall colors or that of the furniture.

7. Go for Simple Designs

If you must replace the cabinets, don’t go overboard with new ones. Maintain a simplistic color and design. The place should feel functional instead of looking like a science fiction museum. Use simple lines in the designs. You can also add some classical furniture in some rooms. Make sure that any improvements or new additions that you make complement the previous design instead of clashing with it.

You can use the above home improvements to make your home feel more modern. You can do part of the work yourself, and hire a professional for the more technical stuff. Good luck with your renovation plans!

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