3 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Written by Posted On Thursday, 30 May 2019 12:23

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways in which I can lower my electric bill, especially as I have started using new electronics. Whether it’s a new computer or a new television, I find myself wanting to take advantage of the novelty of it all, and therefore I use this technology more. It turns out that older appliances can be energy hogs, too, because they lose efficiency and require more energy to generate the same amount of power as a new electronic or appliance. So, if the old and the new both cause financial problems (especially if you are on a shoestring budget), what’s the solution? I’m the type of person that when I know there are ways to save a few dollars, I want in. Since electric bills are impacted by the energy used by your electric appliances (e.g. heating, cooling, lighting), this article provides three ways to cut back on energy usage and lower your energy bills in the process.

Power Strips

It’s true that some appliances and electronics never actually turn off. Computers, televisions, computer printers, and DVD players continue to draw an idle electric current, and while the wattage is usually low, some of the appliances in your home may actually be drawing almost as much power when they are in standby as they do when they are running. After hearing this your impulse might be to run through the house and unplug your appliances, but that is ultimately unnecessary. One solution to this problem is to invest in smart power strips, which have the capability to cut off the power current when your item is not in use. This is a much better way to go than getting up after binge-watching Netflix and unplugging your tv from the wall (yes, I am speaking from experience).

Solar Panel

Solar panels not only benefit the environment, but they enable you to save on some serious money. The typical American family spends approximately $1,300 a year on electricity alone, which can be a sobering statistic, especially when you think about what you could be putting that money towards (e.g. groceries, car payments, mortgage payments). The best part about solar panel systems is that you only need to worry about the cost of installation, and any additional electricity use if your panels do not offset your electricity use by 100%. However, if you size your PV system accurately then you will know how many solar panels you need to lower and even secure that percentage. If you live somewhere cloudy, your solar panels can and will continue to harness energy through indirect and diffused sunlight. So, no matter where you live, solar panels are certainly worth considering.

Air Conditioning

This one’s a biggie. Although your air conditioning unit helps you through the summer, it certainly will make your wallet feel lighter if you don’t know how to use it. Even starting out with simple, regular maintenance can mean big savings for you. This includes checking and cleaning your air conditioning ducts before the weather starts to heat up. If you really want to maximize the results of your AC unit, change the filter at least monthly. Make sure the vents are open, too. If you are guilty of this, you can take heart in knowing that you are definitely not alone. Moreover, I know it can feel great to walk into a wall of cool air after spending a couple of hours, or even a couple of minutes, outside in the summer, but resist the temptation to turn the AC on “high.” This is because an air conditioning unit will have to use more energy to cool down a warm room, thus raising your utility bills. Seems simple enough, but plenty of people are either unaware of or forget these small steps you can take to get the most out of your unit at the least possible cost.   


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