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Top 12 Real Estate Articles for May 2019

Written by Posted On Thursday, 30 May 2019 15:20

As we are headed into the summer months, top Real Estate professionals are continuing to share amazing content. These articles are helpful when purchasing a home and understanding the steps involved and what to anticipate. Additionally, there are articles for sellers which are beneficial as we leap into the prime selling season. Check out these articles and let us know which you liked the best!

A Practical Guide to Finding Mold in Houses

Mold is a very common type of fungus which can be found in homes when there is moisture present. In the environment,  mold is found in many places and is generally harmless. When mold spores find moisture inside a house, they can start to grow which can cause significant health problems. Joe Boylan has written an excellent post about mold being found in homes

Mold can cause serious health issues if left untreated. Mold inspectors generally will inspect with an air sample to determine if there is mold present in the home.

Buyer's Agents do More than Unlock Doors

Are you considering purchasing a home? If so, a buyer's agent can do way more for you than just unlock the doors. Kevin Vitali shares 19 tasks a buyer's agent can perform for you that will save you time, money and aggravation. A buyer's agent will ensure the home buyer has financing in place, manage and explain the home buying complex which can be a huge task, especially for first time home buyers.  Other tasks a buyer's agent will perform include structuring an offer to ensure it is the most competitive for the home buyer, so they can achieve the goal of purchasing a home!

Should I Hire a Listing Agent to Sell My Home?

If you are considering selling your home, you may wonder whether or not you should hire a listing agent.  Or sell it as a For Sale By Owner. Michelle Gibson has written an excellent article about the Reasons to Hire a Listing Agent.  There are some homeowners who think they can sell their home on their own without a Realtor. However, there are details that sellers need to be aware of to avoid potential problems after the home is sold! Many FSBO sellers do a lot of the work and end up never even selling their home.

There is a tremendous liability with selling a home without a professional real estate agent that a homeowner may not be aware of.

Should I Use the Realtor Preferred Lender?

Eric Jeanette has written an excellent post about whether or not a buyer should utilize the lender recommended by the Realtor. Buying a home may be a stressful time for home buyers who most likely are making the largest purchase of their lives. Often times Realtors will recommend a lender to a buyer because they have had good experience with that person and their ability to get the job done.

You will find information about whether or not the lender has competitive rates and more. It is always a buyer's choice on who they want to utilize as their lender, however, your Realtor may have some good suggestions.

What To Consider When Buying a Scraper

There are many older established neighborhoods in communities and there appears to be less and less vacant land.  Paul Sian has written a very informative article for homebuyers who may want to purchase land. There may be buyers who have dreamed about building their own home and are looking for an older home so they can rebuild a brand new home.

There are some important considerations when building a new home. Consider the location of the lot and if it backs up to a busy street. There also may be additional costs when building so it is important to budget for extra expenses.

Myths About Mortgages When Buying a Home

If a buyer has poor credit or has little down payment, they may be under the assumption they will not qualify to purchase a home. Bill Gassett has written an excellent article about mortgage myths to ensure you do not fall for any of them. Many of these mortgage myths can be avoided by utilizing a phenomenal lender who is able to get the job done. Your Realtor should be able to provide you with references on finding an excellent lender who can assess your situation and make recommendations on a loan program.

There are different loan programs for different buyers including USDA loans and VA loans which allow a buyer to purchase with zero down payment.

BNI Networking

Joy Bender has written an excellent article about creating a BNI networking group. BNI is structured with one professional per business category to build business relationships with referral partners.  She discusses how often BNI meetings occur, and the meeting attendance requirement as well. There is also BNI training which is required to set up a group. There are also power teams within a BNI group who target similar clients and work together successfully to grow their business.

5 Steps for First Time Home Sellers

A home selling plan is necessary when you have decided to sell. There is much more to the home selling process than putting a sign in the front yard. Danny Margagliano has written an article about the necessary steps to take when selling your home.  One of the first steps is to address any deferred maintenance and make necessary repairs on the home. Another important step is to hire an experienced real estate agent. A real estate agent can guide you through the home selling process, prepare a comparative market analysis so that you can price your home to sell. Other considerations including if you are planning on staging the home so it presents in the best possible light.

Key Things Every Living Room Should Have

Your living room is a room which needs special attention to create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere. Anita Clark has written a detailed article about key elements in a living room. She discusses the importance of proper seating arrangements and that can take time by shopping ensuring that the furniture is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Other considerations include making sure your living room is filled with natural sunlight and fresh air. Open the windows and allow the fresh air to circulate. These things will make you feel good, help you wake up in the morning, and improve your mood.

Killer Social Media Marketing Tips

When you are considering social media and digital marketing, you need to know what your goals are in advance. Eileen Anderson has written an excellent article about top social media marketing tips for real estate and other businesses. The first thing needed is a professional looking and updated website to start a blog. Once your website is up and running, you will need to create good content that is engaging and creates value for your readers.

Eileen discusses the various social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram has 400 million users and their ads outperform all other platforms. Insta stories are very popular and a great way to get yourself in front of others. It is ideal to engage on all the social media channels, and commenting, liking and following others is a great way to do so.

Buying a Home with an HOA

Petra Norris has written a very detailed article about purchasing a home with an HOA.  It is important to educate yourself about how a homeowner’s association works, and the pros and cons of a homeowners’ association. Petra discusses the difference between an HOA and provides the definition of  Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions or CC&R's. The CC&R's are the rules within the HOA governed subdivision.

There are common issues governed by an HOA and those include exterior paint colors, landscaping, there may be a smoking ordinance, pets and more. It is imperative to understand the rules and regulations before purchasing a home which has an HOA.

Why Does a Home Buyer Need a Real Estate Agent?

Jeff Nelson has written an informative article about why buyers need their own real estate agent. A buyer's agent works for the buyer and has fiduciary duties to that buyer. A buyer's agent will guide them through the home buying process, keep them within the stipulations and time frames of the contract. An excellent buyer's agent will also explain what to anticipate during the home buying process to avoid any surprises.

A buyer's agent will also guide the buyer with ensuring they obtain a home inspection and determining what to negotiate after a home inspection with the seller.


Home Improvements that May Impede Your Home Selling Efforts

Did you know that there are some home improvements that actually lower the value of your home?  The whole idea of home improvement is to "improve the home" and add value. More often than not, homeowners may get too ambitious and move forward with improvements without actually considering whether they will add value to the home or not. Home improvements which impede your selling efforts should be carefully thought out before completing them.

Trendy wall colors, textured walls, trendy kitchen remodel all seem like a good idea at the time, however, some of these improvements may not have staying power, and in the following year, it will not be in style. When selling, home improvements should be on the neutral side so that you have a bigger buyer pool.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed reading these top real estate articles for May 2019. Educating yourself about the home buying and selling process is paramount before you consider entering into a real estate transaction. Knowing what to expect during the selling process is ideal, and will result in less stress during a transaction. And a buyer who has been pre-approved and is working with a reputable lender is ideal to get the job done.

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We work in Orange County CA area including Corona del Mar, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Tustin and more! If you are considering selling your home, considering listing with a top Newport Beach CA Realtor.

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