How To Utilize Technology To Sell Your Home Faster

Written by Posted On Thursday, 30 May 2019 20:28

How To Utilize Technology To Sell Your Home Faster


Things have now changed – selling a home today is not the same as it was five years ago. Before, agents used to talk to other real estate reps. Consumers did not do much, other than driving through the streets, looking for the best deals. Today however, things are much different as homebuyers can simply login the Internet with their phones or tablets to check for houses.


The real estate market has also grown exponentially in the last decade. So, this is the best time to take advantage of the market if you want to enjoy the best deals. According to the Research National Association of Realtor 90 percent of home buyers depend on Internet tools to find their perfect homes.


All in all, it is not easy to sell a home, especially if you do not sell it online. If you want to stay on top of the game, consider the following tech tools too market your home.


Cloud-based Apps


It is always a daunting process to sell or purchase a property. However, thanks to the new cloud based applications is changing how things are running in the industry. These

apps polwered by load balancer are beneficial to both the agents and clients. For instance, you can get notifications about new homes on sale, as well as contracts. Also, there is e-signing tech. As a result, transactions are now completed faster than ever before.


Social Media


Many more agents are now using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to sell properties. According to research report, 70 percent of real estate agents use social media. Such platforms allow agents to advertise their listings to their target audience easily, making it more powerful.


Also, property buyers who are under the age of thirty use social media intensively. Therefore, they do not just use keywords, but also property related hashtags when they are searching for properties on social media platforms and so much more.


The Use of Drones


If you are selling a property and you want clients to see its surroundings, use a drone. When it comes to real estate, location is the most crucial factor. A drone will make it easy for your customers to see all the locations- whether your property is near the golf course or the beach. The price of a drone ranges between $200 and $600 per shoot. You can use it to shoot full motion videos or still photography.


Every house has a unique story that cannot be described by the conventional still photography. A drone can help you tell this story. It can show things such electrical pylons or water towers. However, not all properties use drone. To become a drone pilot, one has to be licensed. Also, pilots cannot fly above 400 feet and should not fly near airports. However, many drone operators have GPS, therefore they can know prior if they can use drone near your home or not.


Real Estate Apps


Younger homebuyers love to look at listings using their smart devices who are always in contact with technology . Many established sites such as Trulia and Zillow have their own mobile apps that allows users to view their listing. Therefore, it is crucial that you post your property in these websites. Also, it is imperative that you optimize your content to be mobile friendly.


Studies claim that more than 600 million properties are viewed via mobile every month. This translates to 223 homes per second. Experts suggest that you should pay close attention to the web appeal of your home. Millions of buyers search for homes on mobile devices, and sellers should ensure their listings look incredible. To begin with, take as many photos as possible using a camera with high resolution because that will look incredible on your phone.

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