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Virtual offices define the new era of businesses where cost efficiency and greater revenue generation are key prospects. Saving rents, maintenance and costs of employing can significantly add up to one’s monthly income without compromising the quality of business or services, and these luxuries are provided by virtual offices. The following should be considered before setting up a virtual office. 

  1. 1. Maximum consumer confidence: The Address

It is natural for humans to place more trust in the credibility of businesses provided that the top most authorities they plan to meet are seated in a lavish office in the centre of a cosmopolitan city. Equipping a virtual office in a prime location in the city can lift up that professionalism because the owner of the business only has to pay for the conference room and catering service demanded per meeting rather than a jolting amount of office rent. 

  1. 2. Receptionist

A receptionist is a key element in determining the scale of business and time crunch the owner works under, which is directly proportional to the quality of goods/services provided. It is always an ideally credible circumstance when an office is contacted and the first barrier to go through is the receptionist, and a virtual office, despite not being a sector of space solely allotted for one business, does provide trained secretaries who should be availed to maintain the professional outlook a business should have. 

  1. 3. Mailing and Fax

An office is not just about different forms of interactions; the real task is the supply of goods/services as demanded. The documentation needed for these purposes needs a destination to arrive to, and a virtual office must have a permanent storage and mailbox, along with a fax machine within the building their office resides. A good combination is hiring a receptionist who looks after these components and informs the business director of any deposits or withdrawals made. 

  1. 4. Startup Costs

The functioning of the office seems to be free from daunting rents and costs of employing such as health and insurance coverage, however, the initial startup costs need to be underlined first. To register an office as a logo of an enterprise, for example, a virtual office space in karachi, will require a bare minimum of at least PKR 25000 (200 USD), which is just the initial contractual cost. The equipment used within this premises will also be charged on the owner’s account, so he/she needs to ensure of all activities going on in the area whether they are in or out of town. 

  1. 5. Communication and Collaboration

Getting the office may be easy, but the business has to be run with the same level of hierarchy and delegation of tasks as in any other office. This often becomes a difficult task when the office area isn’t solely designated, but the usage of professional online group chats and emails makes regulation much easier. The owner must, at all times, stay completely in touch with all proceedings to establish a successful business in such a competitive age. 

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