10 Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 12 June 2019 07:37

Whether you’ve just moved in or have had your home for quite some time, preparing your home for resale would be a smart thing to do given the fact that you may not know when you’ll be moving to a new home in the future.

Boosting your home’s resale value starts with thinking about what buyers want and keeping those in mind whenever you do small projects around the house. This way, you won’t be spending too much and can actually enjoy all the improvements you put in before it is time for a resale!

Tackle Landscaping Early On

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The best time to start landscaping is as soon as you move in. Seek out an expert for planting trees and planning your landscaping so that your yard will grow with you beautifully throughout the years.

Green is In

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Potential buyers tend to pass over homes with neglected lawns so maintaining a green lawn early on will not only attract future buyers but will also make your home one of the prettiest in the neighbourhood.

Give Exterior Doors a Makeover

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Curb appeal is a real selling point. A beautiful front door and garage doors speaks volumes about the overall condition of the house.

Remove and Replace Eyesores

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Bad wallpaper, worn carpet, and outdated light fixtures will have to be updated anyway so why not do this as soon as possible?

Power Wash is Your Best Friend

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Repaving and repainting can be very expensive and frankly, what may look like a worn-down path and exteriors can be just because of years of accumulated dirt. Power washing can give you very dramatic results for less.

Repaint in Current Paint Colours

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If you must repaint, consider using popular or current paint colours such as pewter, gray, or greige. Take note that this applies to both your home’s interiors and exteriors.

Extra Storage is Always Welcome

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Built-in cabinets and shelving can make a home look and feel more expensive, and very functional too! Storage always adds extra appeal. You’re also guaranteed to fall in love with it!

Refresh Your Kitchen

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Instead of renovating, you may want to consider simply refreshing your kitchen if it is still fairly current. Refreshing means replacing some appliances, refinishing a countertop, or repainting kitchen cabinets.

Consider French Doors

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Aside from aesthetics, French doors are a great selling point because their addition opens up a space and allows a lot of natural light in. They also look good in writing as well!

Let Pros Help You Out

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Hiring a pro for advice will pay in the long run. A short consult with a designer, a real estate agent, or a home inspector can give you insight on what local buyers are looking for. Talking to them will also make sure that every penny you spend on home improvement tweaks will be an investment you’ll be thanking yourself for in years to come.

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