Keeping Your Neighborhood Friendly

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When you think of communities, what do you think of? Hopefully, the image would be of a close-knit community working together in a garden all of them share. Or, it could be a street of friendly neighbors one lives next to. Communities are places where we live and we make it home for a while, and sometimes that is years you are in the same place. What are some things we can do to make and keep them healthy? Let's look at three ways we can do that.


Tip #1: Be a Neighbor

One of the ways to help a community is to be a good neighbor. If a neighbor needs help, help them. If they want to ask you How are solar panels made?, you answer them, perhaps with the help of the internet if necessary. If they need to borrow a tool or a home supplies, you may happily oblige. If you want someone to be a good neighbor to you, it’s important to be a good neighbor to them. Smiling and being kind can rub off on people, believe it or not.


Things like this have been known to change people's lives as well, so keep being a good neighbor and friend, even if others treat you poorly. Their behavior will end up saying more about them than you. It's hard to feel like you're doing all you can and nothing seems to come of it right then. Time and patience are two great things that when paired together helps. Here is an article about what things you can do so your neighbors like you!


Tip #2: Contribute

This way is similar to way #1, except you can contribute quite a bit when time and energy permits. Maybe that means working in a community garden that benefits everyone. Maybe it's helping someone do something. It also could be doing something you normally could do, like maintaining your yard. Good things allow other good things to happen. Good things make you want to be better!


Tip #3: Being Helpful

Everyone likes having help when they need it, but what are some things you can do to help? Well, you can do your part by keeping your home and land clean and nice. You can also pick up trash in your community park, if you have one. You can also take treats to neighbors when they move into the community to help them feel welcome. No one likes to be left out, even though they say they are okay. Everyone needs a friend.


If everyone was able to help each other in their own way and respect each other, we could do a lot of good in the world. It would help our communities become stronger and we would be a little less intimidated or leery of other people. We would recognize that people are basically good and want to do the right thing! We want to be a force for good if we can have the opportunity for other people to see them. When you do get to know people, you may begin to grow and find ways to serve each other.


So, today and everyday, I think we all should start being a little more kind to everyone, the way it should be. Start by greeting someone when they walk by you. Notice what people wear and compliment them if you are so inclined. We need to get back to the way communities can and should be. We can do that a little at a time until we are where we can and should be. We can get to know people and what they are like. Together we can change lives if we choose to start.

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Carol Evenson

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