Luxury Features for an Amazing Master Bathroom

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like you’re in a luxury private retreat whenever you’re in your master bath? Why go for the usual fixtures and design touches when you can choose details that will make your master bathroom truly stand out? If you’re planning to buy a home or perhaps thinking of revamping your master bath, here are some luxury feature ideas for your master bathroom.

Consider a Japanese Soaking Tub

Luxury master bath ideas

If space is an issue but you really love long warm soaks, you can opt for a Japanese soaking tub instead of a traditional bathtub. A Japanese soaking tub is usually half the size of a tub but is deep enough to allow you to fully submerge and enjoy your very own tub.

Sneak in Extra Storage

Luxury master bath ideas2

If you’re rebuilding or renovating, keep an open eye for small spaces that are usually walled up. Those small spaces can be turned into extra storage that you’ll love. You can turn spaces in between walls into pullout shelves, small spaces into recessed niches or wall cubbies, and maybe make a drawer or two out of some space under the sink.

Frame A View

Luxury master bath ideas3

If you’re lucky enough to live where a wall of your bathroom faces some stunning view, make use of that by adding a window or enlarging an existing one. It will be best if you can place your tub in front of this view. Imagine long soaks looking out of your window!

Install a Dual Shower

Luxury master bath ideas4

Far from being excessive, a dual shower is great more so if you have a huge bathroom. If space is not an issue, the dual shower heads can be a his and her side of the shower.

Outdoor Bathroom

Luxury master bath ideas5

Do you live in a large and secluded estate? Perhaps consider knocking down one wall of your bathroom for a partly outdoor experience. Depending on where you live, you can also consider having an entire glass wall for one side instead of being open to the elements. You’ll still get the outdoor feel but without bugs and cold air.

Use Wood When You Can

Luxury master bath ideas6

There are so many ways to use wood in the bathroom these days. Marine-grade wood is protected against moisture and comes in a variety of finishes that can match any bathroom. You’ll surely find a design that will suit your taste.

Bedroom and Bath Combo

Luxury master bath ideas7

Maybe a little too modern for some, placing the bath in the bedroom or making the two rooms look like one big room by knocking out a wall is worth thinking over. If this is not your style, you can also consider placing the bath in the walk-in closet.

Go Classic with Black and White

Luxury master bath ideas8

Not sure what colour scheme to go for? Why not go for black and white? This colour scheme will never go out of style for your master bathroom. It is also easy to maintain and will look as nice now as it still will a few years down the road.

Choose Live-Edge Wood

Luxury master bath ideas9

There’s just something about live-edge wood that lends extra richness and warmth to any space. Try it for your bathroom sink, for your vanity, or floating shelves.

Install a Sauna

Luxury master bath ideas10

Whether you’re Nordic or not, who can say no to a sauna on a cold day? You can have a sauna installed for a lot less than some estimates go if it is going to be just a small portion of your master bathroom.

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